7 Reasons Why I Don't Want to Leave Mason Yet

My sophomore year of college is coming to an end and I have never been more sad. Freshman year was okay and I was ready to go home when the time came. However, sophomore year is where I found my place at Mason. I joined multiple organizations, I made a pretty decent friend group and I’m finally taking classes I like. And now I move out this week and all of it is disappearing. Here are my feelings in gifs:

1. I won’t be able to see my friends everyday

Via Giphy

All the friends that were at most a 10 minute walk away will now be hours away from me..or even states away.

2. Moving out is a PAIN

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Literally, who allowed me to have this many clothes, shoes and decorations?  How did I bring all of this into a small dorm room anyways? How do I take this all back?

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 3. Figuring out how to function outside of a college campus

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Wait, you’re telling me it’s not acceptable to just go eat at 3 am anymore? I can’t just walk around in pajamas in public and not get judged?

4. Not having a Starbucks and a Dunkin' Donuts within walking distance of each other

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I have to drive 10 minutes to my nearest Starbucks, do you know how inconvenient this is when I had one UP THE STREET?  OR NOT HAVING A DUNKIN’ WHEN IT WAS LITERALLY BELOW MY BUILDING??? I AM NOT OKAY WITH CHANGE GUYS.

5. Where am I going to get all this free unnecessary stuff from if I can’t go to a Kiosk in the JC anymore?

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Candy, pizza, donuts, popcorn, a starbucks cup…..I got these from kiosks. Kiosks are how I got my scantrons. I have not paid for scantrons all this semester. Innovation is tradition here at George Mason University.

6. Who else is going to tell me I’m going to hell if I won’t see the guy in North Plaza every time it’s over 70 degrees?

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Sun’s out and so are my sins apparently.

7. The best times of my life are here

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Yeah, I’m 19 and I have my whole life to live, but these past two years have been the best and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

See you in the fall, collegiettes...given that I survive the summer away from campus.