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You Went Through Recruitment, Now What?

By: Jaclyn Jones

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Congratulations, you’ve found your new home back at Mason! You’ve got a whole new sisterhood to bond with, but how?

Pro tip: Don’t forget about the small group you rushed with! At Mason, the Panhellenic community is a family unit. We support each other’s events and philanthropic endeavors. Since we all work together on campus, it’s a good idea to keep your panhellenic friends so you can keep in contact with what other sororities are doing. Plus, it can never hurt to have more friends to go to events with. Don’t worry if your small group was not very close, you’ll have a ton of opportunities to get panhellenic friends through mixers and events.

Now, back to your sisterhood. You just gained somewhere around 100 new friends in your life and that can seem overwhelming. How are you supposed to get to know all of these women?

The group you came into as a new member will be your home base. If you’re nervous about showing up to an event alone, are sitting in the JC,  etc., ask one of them to come with you! They’re  in the same position as you and are just as nervous. To make contact easier, maybe start a group chat!

When talking to your new sisters, try not to be nervous! You received a bid for a reason, and that reason was that they see something in you that fits well with the sisterhood. I know it is tough because there are so many of them, but remember they were once a new member too, so they know what it is like. Sisters will reach out to you for coffee dates, chipotle runs, ice cream adventures, almost everything! So say YES!

Your new sisters want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them. Don’t worry about girls not asking you to go on these adventures, I guarantee they will. If there is a sister you met at bid day or during recruitment, or while you were Facebook stalking (we did it too!), don’t be afraid of messaging them. They will be flattered that you are thinking of them and will absolutely love to get to know you more too! Talking with a sister that you already have a relationship could help ease your nerves. They are also a good person to reach out to for going to events.


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The most important thing to remember is that you are not a burden to anyone. They want to be with you so never feel like you are troubling someone with your questions or concerns. The girls are here to help you and are happy to talk.


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Finally, enjoy your new sisterhood!


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