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Why I’ll Miss Our Space Mom Carrie Fisher

When I was about two or three, my dad would have to watch me while my mom would go shopping on weekends. My dad thought this was a perfect time to introduce me to the original trilogy of Star Wars. I don’t remember much about watching it when I was that young, except that I loved Princess Leia.

In many ways, I wanted to be Princess Leia.

She was a fearless young woman who wanted to take down the forces of evil. She was strong and smart even if she didn’t use the Force like Luke. She didn’t need someone to save her, she just needed a little help in completing her missions. I loved Leia because she wasn’t a sit and wait type of princess and I certainly am not one either. Leia was in so many ways my role model growing up. As I grew older and understood that a real woman played the character I loved so much, my love grew stronger.

Carrie Fisher became a role model in many ways too.

She has be unopolgetically honest about her struggles with drug addiction and mental health issues. While I personally have never suffered from either, her willingness to be a voice for those who do is intensely admirable. Ever since her reappearance in the spotlight when The Force Awakens came out, she has been accompanied by her support dog Gary Fisher. Gary was with her for interviews, press releases, and the red carpet. She was normalizing having an emotional support animal with you.

She has spoken out against the sexism that is prevelant in Hollywood, especially with body standards. She has never been afraid to say how the industry has only wanted three-quarters of her on screen or how that iconic metal bikini was not as entertaining for her as it was for the male viewers rest of the world. She even told Daisy Ridley to not to settle for simply being a sex symbol when she joined The Force Awakens.

Carrie has been a role model for me and so many other people and her passing away has devestated us all. We have lost an icon, princess, hero, and Space Mom. 

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force” -Yoda

Cover photo credit: NBC News

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