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I have to move this Saturday and I most certainly am not looking forward to it. I take pride in cultivating my space and tailoring it exactly to my needs. This meticulous and tedious tendency of mine makes moving all the more difficult.

I am always sad to leave a space I love and feel safe in. There are ways I have found, however, to make the dreaded moving process go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of my top moving hacks and tips. 

1. Invest in clear totes

This was one of the best, if not the best, moving decisions I have ever made. I have used clear totes to move since I moved into my freshman year dorm. 

They are great because you do not have to label or open each box to see what is inside of it. I bought my six large moving totes for 20 dollars from Big Lots years ago and they are all still in excellent condition. 

2. Start packing my sections of your room/house

I usually start packing my desk first and work in a circle around my room. My advice, leave the kitchen for last because you will need to eat right up until you move out. 

3. Make a plan for how you will be transporting your belongings

This one is super important, especially if you do not have a car. My parents are coming up to help me move and I was sure to give them at least a month’s notice of when I would need their help. 

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4. If you are sharing a space, talk to your roommate early on

It is really important to try and cultivate a relationship with your roommate as soon as possible. When you already have a somewhat pre-established idea of each other's likes and dislikes, conflict is way more avoidable. 

5. Set up as much as you can the day you move in

Do not leave things in boxes for more than a week. This goes for college students like me that are most likely only moving a room’s worth of items. The sooner you set things up, the less stressed you will be later on. 

6. Remember it will be over before you know it

The pain and annoyance of moving are temporary. Soon enough you will be established in your new space. Try and keep this in mind at moments when stress is high. 

Good luck with finals and move out, collegiettes!

Blythe Dellinger

George Mason University '22

Blythe is a senior majoring in Global and Community Health with a minor in Anthropology. She often writes about topics related to physical/mental health and well-being. She is very passionate about substance use and access to healthcare and also enjoys discovering new music and food recipes. She hopes you find a little bit of yourself in her articles!
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