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How Joining Her Campus Helped Me #FindMyGirlGang

In honor of the Her Campus application reopening (shameless plug, APPLY), I decided to reflect on what joining Her Campus George Mason meant for me. And while it’s only been 3 months since I’ve met the team, it feels like I’ve known them for a lifetime.

With more than three hundred and fifty student organizations on campus, I could have ended up anywhere with some other group of people and may have never met the girls you see in the picture above. But oh, how glad I am that I ended up just where I am, surrounded by the most inspirational and all-around badass women who have taught me so much about the person I want to be. Because that’s what a girl gang should be and do! They say you become like the people you surround yourself with, and I can say that I would be honored to be even half the woman they are.

Sorry, I got all sappy there for a little, but it’s all so true. And not only are the women of Her Campus George Mason inspirational, but they are also fun and down to earth. We don’t always see each other that often- we are busy changing the world after all- but when we do, it’s genuinely the best part of my week. We bring together the best food for potlucks and always have an adventure, even if things don’t completely go as planned. And our Facebook group page is filled with dog GIFs and just so much love.

Photo Courtesy of Devin Pearsall

Her Campus has given me a girl gang that is teaching me to be real and unapologetic in my life and in my writing. When I told them I was changing my major to Communication, they were nothing but excited. And I know that we can be honest with each other about how we are feeling because we all know that college can be overwhelming at times. They are a girl gang to rival all other girl gangs and while many of them will be graduating soon (excuse me while I cry), they’ll forever hold a special place in my heart and I know they’re off to do amazing things in this world. Thank you Her Campus George Mason for helping me find my girl gang, I can’t wait for more adventures!

Savannah Martincic

George Mason University '22

Savannah is currently a senior at George Mason University studying communication with a concentration in journalism and a double minor in Spanish and social justice. She is the External Outreach Coordinator for the Honors College Recruitment Team and the Social Media Chair for the Society of Professional Journalists. Savannah is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus at George Mason University.
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