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How To Finish The Semester Off Right

Spring break has come and gone which means the semester is already half way through.  It's important to not lose track of what you need to get done before the school year comes to an end. So to keep you focused,  here's a list of some of the things you may want ot make sure you're prioritizing before you check out for summer. 

1. Study hard

You are in school for a reason and that is to learn and get good grades. Midterms have started and grades are starting to come out. One of the easiest things to do is lose track of what assignments are due with the bustle of everything else that is going on. The best advice would be to study hard, do all the assignments, and don’t slack off. The semester will be over before you know it and then you will have nothing to worry about. It is better to work hard now and not regret anything later.

2. Take care of yourself

It is so easy to get sick when at school. You are around so many people doing so many different things and you are probably sleep deprived. On top of that you are eating campus food, which probably isn’t the healthiest of food choices. Just do your best to eat healthy and try to go to the gym. You will definitely feel better about it in the long run. Eating better and working out will make you all around happier and healthier. Plus, then it won’t be so hard to study and you will have more energy.

3. Plan out your summer

Sometimes it feels like you are drowning in everything that is going on in the semester. To try and avoid this awful feeling, start planning out fun things to look forward to in the summer. Plan a trip with your closest friends or your family or buy tickets to a concert you know you will have a great time at. Having something to look forward to definitely makes it easier to get through the rough patches. Put a countdown on your phone and watch the days fly by as it gets closer to your awesome adventure.

4. Keep a tight budget

Maybe you indulged in the ultimate spring break tropical vacation, gained an addiction to eating out or just can't seem to avoid an online sale. All that money adds up and now, midway through the year, it's time to refocus on saving money for summer or that big purchase you've had your eye on. One easy way to save is to set up an automatic transfer from your checkings account to your savings. Most banks have this as a free feature and even if you're just saving $20 a week, that can quickly add up before the end of May.


5. Remember to call your parents

Whether you're from the area or come from California, we all get caught up in our college lifestyles. Friends, parties, schoolwork and jobs make our lives so busy we forget to call the people who have helped make it all happen: our family. So pick up the phone and give them a ring (not a text). While we may not think we miss their embarrasing nature, a quick phone call with a familiar voice can be surprisingly comforting in the middle of the semester. 


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