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Now that this semester is coming to a close, you are hopefully going to have a lot more time on your hands. If you’re looking for a way to spend it, then look no further! Reading might just be the best option for you. We’ve already had a ton of great books come out in the first four months of 2021, and there are only more good ones to come! Here are eight new releases that I’m looking forward to this year. 

1. “Luck of the Titanic” by Stacey Lee

Stacey Lee’s newest novel is loosely based on an incredible true story. It follows Valora Luck, a British-Chinese acrobat, as she sneaks onto the Titanic and manages to join the first class. Her goal is to reunite with her twin brother, Jamie, and to convince an owner of the Ringling Brothers Circus to add them to the show. However, the Titanic runs head-on into the iceberg that cold night of 1912, so Val and this cast of characters must fight for their lives.

“Luck on the Titanic” will be released on May 4.

2. “The Other Side of Perfect” by Mariko Turk 

After suffering a world-shattering injury, Alina Keeler is forced to give up on her dream of being a professional ballerina and start attending regular high school. To fill her time, she chooses to join the school musical, where she starts to develop feelings for her obnoxiously charming castmate, Jude. She works to recover from theher loss of her ballet as she learns to open her heart to something new.

“The Other Side of Perfect” will be released on May 11.

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3. “Better Together” by Christine Riccio

Christine Riccio, better known by her YouTube channel polandbananasBOOKS, is here with her second novel. “Better Together” is the perfect mix of “Freaky Friday” and “The Parent Trap” as estranged sisters, Jamie and Siri, are reunited for the first time in over a decade and come up with a plan to switch places. With a touch of magic, the girls are able to trade lives. Riccio describes this book as a dram-rom-com, so it is perfect for all audiences!

“Better Together” will be released on June 1. 

4. “Malibu Rising” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is back with a new novel set in 1983. Nina Riva is throwing her annual party to celebrate the end of the summer. Nina and her siblings, Jay, Hud, and Kit, are some of the most talked-about people in Malibu. Everybody who is anybody is dying to be on the guest list to see what kind of drama this year’s party will bring. Within the next twenty-four hours, the Rivas’ entire world will be turned upside down all because of the hottest party of the year.

“Malibu Rising” will be released on Jul. 27.

5. “Bluebird” by Sharon Cameron

Following the conclusion of World War II, Eva wants to leave Berlin, a city destroyed by the fighting. Eva isn’t just an ordinary woman though. She has the secret to Project Bluebird, a horrific experiment of the concentration camps. Both the Soviets and the Americans need the information Eva has in order to tip the balance of world power, but neither should have access to it. She sets her sights on the United States for justice and to find the Nazi who was able to escape it.

“Bluebird” will be released on Oct. 5.

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6. “You’ll Be The Death of Me” by Karen M. McManus

What would happen if “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” turned deadly? That is the story McManus is tackling in her latest novel. Former friends, Ivy, Mateo, and Cal, wind up meeting in the parking lot of their high school and decide to skip school for the day. They end up following another student to his own murder. The kid they watched die had a connection to Ivy, Mateo, and Cal, bringing them all close together once again. But was their reconnection fate or brought about by something much darker?

“You’ll Be The Death of Me” will be released on Nov. 30. 

7. “If This Gets Out” by Sophie Gonzales 

Saturday is the newest boy band sweeping America. But things are not as perfect and pretty as the audience thinks. Cracks are beginning to form and the pressure starts getting to Ruben Montez, who confides in bandmate Zach Knight. As the two boys begin to lean on one other, their relationship turns from a friendship to a romance. Once they decide to go public with their relationship, they discover the world is not on the side in the way they had expected them to be.

“If This Gets Out” will be released on Dec. 7. 

8. “Here’s To Us” by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

While the plot has not been released at the time this article was written, “Here’s To Us” is the sequel to Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera’s co-written novel “What If It’s Us,” which means we will find out what Arthur and Ben have been up to since the last time we saw them!

“Here’s to Us” will be released on Dec. 28.

Hopefully you’ve been able to find a book or two on this list to add to your TBR. Have fun with your reading, collegiettes

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Nickie Johnson is a senior at George Mason. She is majoring in history and hopes to one day become a school librarian. This is her third year writing for Her Campus, and she has loved every minute of it! She is involved in GMU's Honors College and the George Mason Chapter of Educators Rising Collegiate. In addition to writing, Nickie loves watching movies and reality television, performing showtunes in the mirror, and reading.
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