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7 Secret Study Spots for the Mason Introvert

Midterm season is upon us and let’s be honest, the Fenwick ‘silent’ sections just are not silent enough anymore as people pack in for last minute studying. Here’s a list to get you hermits out of your room and exploring some secret study spots that your introvert can thrive, focus and get that grade!

7. Abandoned SUB I Info Desk

SUB I can be a bustling, noisy place but if you are able to score the abandoned info desk to the left of the Registrar’s Office, on just the right day, then sometimes this is study heaven. The old info desk has a counter that comes up a little too high and prevents people from entering your eyesight or inviting themselves over to speak to you (possibly the reason it is no longer occupied by cheery desk assistants). The desk design is purposefully meant to create a barrier between you and the public so get in the zone, girl!

6. Fenwick 3rd Floor Windows

Ok, I know we talked about how horrible Fenwick can be this time of year; however, there is a little gem of a space that is so sunny and beautiful that it had to make this list. On the third floor of Fenwick, all the way back to the right back wall, there are floor-to- ceiling windows nestled in a silent zone. As an introvert, sometimes it’s nice to be able see people walk by behind a protective barrier of glass and then get back into your textbook with silence.

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5. The Old Courtyard

This underutilized study spot is perfect for a comfy spring day. You can nestle into one of the covered nooks that connect the buildings, or you can opt to sit under the ancient picnic table that is perfectly shaded by the tree in the center of the yard. Crack open a book and listen to the birds chirp.

4. Exploratory Balcony

This is another outdoor study gem that most STEM majors know about, but is new to me as of yesterday. On the second floor of Exploratory is a balcony that has 4 tables perfectly concealed and shaded by a decorative crate. Once again, enjoy nature but while maintaining the perfect amount of barrier between you and the masses.

3. Music Theater and Buchanan Hall Connection

This glass walkway connects Buchanan Hall and the Music Theater building, the perfect liminal space between two peaceful worlds. At one end of the hallway are quiet and focused Honors College students, and at the other end are faint whispers of music students practicing. Conveniently, these two groups of people don’t usually overlap much and don’t have to pass through this sanctuary of a hallway very frequently.

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2. Aquia Top Floor

This may be my favorite study spot in all of Mason, and almost no one knows about it. If you go to the highest floor in the Aquia building, there is a wall of windows, house plants, and a small one person table waiting for you. To get there you must follow the elevator all the way up to the roof level, once you walk out you will be met with a door to your left and right, take the left and all of your introvert dreams will come true.

1. Robinson Roof

With this last one you’re guaranteed almost no one will bother you. There is lore that if you climb to the top of Robinson A there is an unlatched roof opening that you can climb through. If you’re completely fed up with the clutter of campus and the noise it creates, hop onto the roof and hide. Just kidding, we don’t recommend this move! Be careful, my studious introverts.

Now, may all your wishes of peaceful, limited human interaction studying come true!


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