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7 Reasons to Join Her Campus Besides Being a Writer

Yes, many of us here at Her Campus are pursuing a career in journalism or have dreams of becoming a writer. Her Campus has taught me so much about writing, deadlines, professionalism and creating good content. But it’s also given me so much more. It’s not only given me a resume booster and a chance to see myself become a published writer, it’s given me a team of girl bosses and things that have genuinely made my college experience better. Whatever your major or career aspirations are, there’s so many reasons to join Her Campus.

1. Fun events

Her Campus hosts fun events and bonding experiences throughout the year like game nights, viewing parties and pumpkin patch trips. Plus, there’s even some travel opportunities. Every year, the Her Campus team has the privilege of attending College Fashion Week in New York City, as well as Her Conference, which is a great networking and career development event with amazing keynote speakers.

2. Her Campus Survival Kits

Being a member of Her Campus means getting free goodies, and who doesn’t love free stuff? Throughout the semester, Survival Kits are delivered to the team with name brand products like face masks, planners, eye cream, shirts and more. You’ll get so many items that are really helpful to surviving the school year.

3. You’ll #FindYourGirlGang

Her Campus is a great way to meet inspiring women who share similar interests and who will always be there for you. Whether you’re a freshman who’s overwhelmed by college or someone who’s just looking for new friends, Her Campus will make you feel welcome and give you great friendships.

4. Getting to express your thoughts freely

At Her Campus, you have the freedom to write whatever you’re passionate about, whether it’s politics, entertainment, or fashion. It’s such a great creative outlet and nothing is off-limits.

5. Social Media and Marketing

Besides writing, you’ll learn so much more about developing social media and marketing skills, which is just as important in this era.

6. Networking

Through Her Campus, you’ll meet women who are in similar fields as you or who can connect you with people to get your foot in the door. You’ll be exposed to so many opportunities that could lead you to a job or an internship.

7. Leadership

You can be as involved as you want to be, with positions on the executive board. You’ll learn so many important life and leadership skills that can prepare you for your career. *If you want to #FindYourGirlGang, apply here to join the Her Campus George Mason team!

Molly Feser

George Mason University '18

Molly is a Communication major with a concentration in Journalism at George Mason University. She loves Broadway, iced coffee, and The Office. She is also a sister of Alpha Xi Delta on campus. After she graduates she hopes to be an entertainment journalist.
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