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5 Ways To Transition Into a Fall Wardrobe

When it comes to fall, fashion is all the rage. With items like jackets and handbags, it can be hard to resist splurging on all the new fall fashion pieces. But, it’s easier to transition some of your pre-existing outfits with just a few versatile pieces. By following these easy steps, you’ll be wondering why you ever spent money on expensive fall items.

1. Cardigans over *everything*

One of the easiest ways to transition any clothing item into fall is by throwing a cardigan on top. This allows you to wear your favorite summer dress, tank top or romper throughout the colder seasons, while still looking on-trend. Stores like American Eagle, Target, H&M, and Forever 21 all have cute and affordable sweaters!

2. Tights, tights, tights  

Tights are the most practical way to keep your legs warm in the winter. Whether you are going out in a nice dress or rocking your favorite summer denim cutoffs, tights can add style and layers. Choosing between different patterns and colors will add an unexpected flair to any outfit. Plus, you can buy some lined with fleece to add extra warmth. Brands like Hue and Hanes have some classic and affordable styles.

3.  Vampy Lipstick

Throwing on a dark liquid lipstick makes any outfit instantly appropriate for fall. Some of my personal favorites are berries, reds, purples and browns. Try choosing a color that contrasts against your outfit colors to make a bold statement. Maybelline has some great affordable lipsticks, and Kat Von D has some of the best high-end lipsticks, like the famous Lolita.

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4. Knit Scarves

When it comes to fall, scarves are one of the first accessories that comes to mind. They can instantly dress up an outfit or make it more suitable for the cold weather. Try sticking to colors that fall under the autumn palette like red, brown, and mustard to ensure your look is on-trend. You can also opt for a more light and airy material if the weather isn’t exactly cold yet (thanks, climate change).

5. Boots

Boots are essential to the fall season. They add warmth and protection against the unpredictable weather! One of the best ways to style boots is by wearing knit socks that poke out of the top and layering with tights underneath. Riding boots and duck boots are some classic go-to’s if you’re looking for something simple, practical and timeless.

You can still own those summery looks, collegiettes!

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