Take Care of Your Mental Health 

It is that time of year where stress is running high. With finals approaching, graduation now one semester closer, and being away from family during thanksgiving, it is easy to see why so many college student’s mental health dwindles this time of year. Not to mention college students are having to do their full workload during a pandemic. All of these circumstances are not easy. Micheal Alcee wrote an article for Psychology Today detailing why seasonal depression is affecting so many during this pandemic. In this article, he shares that a loss of connection and control plays a big role in people’s mental health. As winter approaches, “We know winter is something we can’t control or subdue, and it reminds us that we are not the full masters of our world” (Alcee 2020). This year has shown people that they are not the masters of this world. Winter brings a lack of light that is a representative of the emotions taking place in this time. All this is to say that if you are hurting during this time, it is okay to get help. Even if mental health is something you never considered to be your problem. These times are different, and it is okay if what you need looks different right now. 

FaceTime Friends 

One thing I underestimated this semester is how much time I would be spending alone in my apartment. With classes half online, your room can become a cave of eat, sleep, school. Then when loneliness strikes and your close friends are busy, there is not much to do but be alone. With COVID, it is hard to want to hang out with new people. Corona does not pass through the phone though! A FaceTime with parents or friends can be a mood booster. It is nice to get out of your own head and hear someone else talk for a bit. 

Get Help on Campus

The student care center offers free counseling for students, as well as wellness classes. Take advantage of these resources! Counseling may feel out of the norm to do but it is not. You never know if something is for you until you try and you might as well when it is free. Email them at [email protected]

Off Campus Care 

If you are looking for something more off campus, then Psychology Today is a great resource to find therapists. The search allows you to filter by zip code, issues, preference, price, gender, and age. Psychology today is also a great place to read articles and learn more about mental health. 


Create a “You” thing 

Do one thing that you like to do for you every day. This can look like a morning walk, making your favorite breakfast, or reading your favorite book. In a season of feeling overwhelmed, taking breaks is hard to do. Putting pieces of rest into your day can help create peace. Rest does not always have to look like a nap. It can simply be taking time to do small things that bring you joy. 

This is a hard season of life as a college student. Everything is really different, and it is okay if how you handle things looks a little different this year. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Stay connected with the people that love you and remember to take care of you. Everything will turn out to be okay in the end.