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“Romanticize: to think about or describe something as being better or more attractive or interesting than it really is” (Webster’s Dictionary).      

Stop romanticizing people and set healthy boundaries in 2022. We all have those people in our lives that we put on a pedestal that do not belong on one, but we continuously give excuses for why they should be up there. Romanticizing people leads to us choosing to ignore our boundaries, having false perceptions and not treating people the way that they should be treated. While it is difficult to realize that you are doing those things, it is essential to make the proper changes.

The first thing to ask yourself is, “am I romanticizing this person, or am I seeing them for who they are?” There is nothing wrong with loving someone as they are, however, having a false perception of someone will only hurt you and them. If you realize that you are having a romanticized view of someone, try to take a step back and understand why you view them with that perception. If you can find reasons as to why you are giving someone a false view, you can start setting boundaries.

Typically, romanticization happens with friends or partners, but it can happen with anyone. When you realize that you are putting someone on a pedestal it is important to set a boundary so, you can still view them in a realistic way. Setting boundaries can look different to everyone, and everyone has different boundaries that should be set in relationships. No matter how perfect this person looks to you, it is important to remember that they are just a person and that they should be looked at in a realistic way. Be sure to set emotional and physical boundaries that will make you feel comfortable and help you view people realistically. Boundaries are put up to better your relationships and keep communication honest and effective. After all, how are we supposed to understand each other if we are not communicating with one another?

Another reason why it is important to stop romanticizing others is because it is harmful to the person you are romanticizing. Romanticizing someone hurts that person because you have an idea of them that they may have never wanted or signed up for. It can make that person feel as though you do not understand them, or that you expect more from them than they are capable of. When you view someone as perfect, they will never be able to achieve that version of them that you created. It is unfair to make someone feel like they have to act a certain way because of a perception that they did not try to give off.

Overall, romanticizing others and setting boundaries is necessary. When you start viewing people realistically, you can create stronger relationships with others. Additionally, setting boundaries is important because boundaries help you feel comfortable and create a better environment for communicating effectively. Create healthy friendships this year and communicate effectively with one another.

Hi! My name is Makenna, and I am a sophomore at GCU! I am majoring in business management and am so excited to be a part of Hercampus!
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