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As I am writing this article, I am looking back at all of the events that have taken place over these last couple months. Some might say that these last two months have not been very eventful at all due to having to stay inside a majority of the time, but others may say that these past two months have been the most productive in a while. After speaking to a few friends about life events and understanding their point of view of how these last few months have been for them, one thing is standing out very clear to me: remember to breathe.

Here’s something to admit, these last few months have not been very productive at all, but as school finishes and the hustle and bustle to submit assignments on time ends, plans most certainly change. Taking time for yourself is critical in order to sustain one’s mental and physical health. Now, a lot of us can say that we have already taken time for ourselves because we procrastinate on assignments and do other activities that may not take us on a productive path. It is important to be intentional with the time that you take for yourself. Some people might use this time to go for a walk, do some coloring, read a book, write in their journals or as a lot of us like to do and we are exhausted: sleep. Whatever you do when taking time for yourself should be something for YOU! Struggling greatly personally with anxiety and depression, these past two months have been some of the hardest of them all. Whatever you are going through, you must remember to breathe and remind yourself that it will be okay in the end.

In these times of feeling alone, it is important to remember that you’re not. A person may be alone physically but is never alone. You can text someone, call someone or write a good old-fashioned letter and if you feel like you do not have someone you can talk to books are a wonderful way to meet someone and create your own world and characters where you decide what will happen next, this also relates back to being intentional with your time. It is up to the individual person to decide how productive their time will be and how you will utilize it to make yourself better. Yes, we can sit on our laptops all day and watch Netflix or we can choose to do something with our day. Take your time: get up, get dressed, complete your normal routine for the day but then, when you are done the first thing you should do is breathe. Ask yourself how you are feeling and come up with one goal that you can accomplish to make your day better one step at a time. For the next couple days, and that goal to your routine and when you accomplish it, start a new one. Being intentional with our days should be one of the top priorities as of now because you aren’t going to get these days back, so you might as well take the time that you have and focus on you. Remember that you will not be able to help others unless you take care of yourself first. Just breathe.

Hi! My name is Emilee Beers (my friends call me Em). I am 20 years old from Orange County, California. I am in my third year at Grand Canyon University and I am majoring in Elementary Education with a Special Education endorsement. My hobbies are reading, journaling, singing, Disney and hanging out with little ones! I love hanging with friends and going on adventures. Hope to see you around!
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