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Easily, 2020 created a lot of circumstances that prevented us from making the most out of the year and reaching our New Year's resolutions. Some decide resolutions are stupid, while others, base their day to day decisions off of them. In reality, it is just a mindframe and a few goals at stake. New Year's Resolutions and the goals we create for ourselves affect our everyday attitudes going into the mundane tasks- the way we treat people and handle day to day challenges. 

There are many things that we as humans just do not have control over. It is unfortunate to look at the news, or any social media platform and constantly be overwhelmed with the negativity and havoc that is going on in the world. But with this all, we do not have to spend so much energy on these topics. This is the hardest part: adjusting our attitudes, even as things seem to crumble in front of us.  

While we go into 2021 with some of the same life circumstances as 2020...or possibly worse, there are things that only we can change about ourselves and our hearts that can make this year more bearable. And maybe, in the big scheme of things, make the world a better place. This is where it becomes a personal choice! 

Self care and self love are such a big part of staying both happy and healthy. With that comes whatever works for you personally: exercise, organization, healthy diets, meditation, good relationships...and so on. 

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It is a crazy concept that every minute of the day we have the ability to grow and explore a new direction! Some people may have this wild idea that everything will just fall into place as the months change; however, we only make choices for ourselves. 

The brutal truth is this year might be just as whacky as 2020, but we are only in charge of ourselves. With this being said, take time to evaluate yourself. How can you take care of yourself this year? What healthy habits have you already added to your school/work schedule? Have you made any big changes? 

This article may seem cheesy or cliche, but personally, I believe it is important. You will take what you want from it. Even if you have 0 resolutions for 2021, I want to make people aware of how the smallest actions we take have the power to promote goodness and show grace to the people around us. The choices we make and the way we take care of ourselves has a direct hand in what goes on around us in our day to day interactions. 

Hi! My name is Savanna Kerr. I was born in Hawaii/grew up in Seattle. I attend GCU and I am studying professional writing and psychology. I was previously a journalist and eventually head editor for my school newspaper in high school called The Kolus. I am looking forward to being on this team!
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