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Madison Cox: Grand Canyon University ’18

Madison Cox has been the starting center back for GCU’s women’s soccer team since she transferred her sophomore year from the University of Tampa. In this most recent season, she has earned Second Team All-WAC accolades, playing a total of 1,640 minutes. Cox also scored the game-winning goal against Utah Valley and kept the Lopes defense strong all season alongside her best friend Jessica Valadez. Cox is a workout enthusiast, and besides the team’s demanding fitness plan she finds time to consistently train on her own.

Q: What inspires you to workout?

A: I love looking good, and being able to do things that others can’t do. I love being the strongest girl in the gym, being able to lift, and having better abs than some guys.

Q: What is a typical day in the gym like for you?

A: I’m usually working out in two main groups at the gym. So either a triceps/chest day, shoulder/ bicep day, or back/abs day. I interchange the groups over the span of many different days in order to get a demanding workout each time. Every other day I run a mile as well. 

Q: What is your biggest gain in going to the gym?

A: My biggest gain is probably my health. I know I can eat bad and don’t have to feel terrible about it. I know I have a hobby that de-stresses me and is keeping me fit. (Also I do keep up my looks by going to the gym).

Q: What would you recommend to those who want to get more active? 

A: I would recommend starting with a plan. I see tons of people just go to the gym and not know what they are going to do. Do some research and ask a friend, don’t go in there blind because you won’t get a good workout.

I am a Freshman at Grand Canyon University. My major is currently Business in Marketing with a minor in Literature. I am from Southern California, and love adventuring for new food places! I immensely enjoy traveling, as I have been to Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
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