The Importance of Alone Time

College is great, but also very draining. Being around people 24/7 can become exhausting. Having a roommate can be a great thing, but there is also the necessity for one to be alone at times. Being alone brings about a sense of peace for both the smallest introvert and biggest extrovert.

There are times when one should be with people, and others when she just wants to be by herself. There is nothing at all wrong with that. Friends are a blessing, but sometimes she just needs some time for herself. Whether this be to read a good book, catch up on the news, take a nap, or drink coffee by herself, it can help to improve her mood for the following week and in general.

In no way should she feel bad for canceling her plans to get caught up on homework or to clean her room. She is not expected to do anything she does not want to do. Some of the most crucial moments in a person’s life happens when they are alone. It is a major step in growing. Below is a list of 5 things to do to just get away from the chaos and take some alone time.

1. Read a Book

Reading is one of the most solidary activities an individual can take part in. One can be transformed by a love story told by the brilliant Nicholas Sparks, or into a made up world by J.K. Rowling. She should make some time in her schedule to not only be alone but keep her mind busy with a new book.

2. Binge-Watch a Show

Not feeling like reading today? Start a new show on Netflix. Stay in PJ's and just relax. No need to brush her hair because no one is going to see her. Fuzzy socks, a comfy blanket, and some yummy snacks is all she needs for this day to be successful.

3. Work-out

Sometimes going to the gym or for a run can make one feel 10x better. Working out is proven to improve moods, and sometimes just getting out alone and working on herself is all she needs. It also helps if she has some cute workout clothes she’s been dying to wear!

4. Go Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is so therapeutic. In a lot of cases, going alone can be fun because she is not going to be rushed and can just browse. It can also help in the sense of planning meals and getting organized, causing her to feel like she’s accomplishing something and marketing it off her to-do list.

5. Clean Her Dorm

Cleaning can be one of the best things to do. It is a great way to get her life together, and the feeling of having a clean room will carry over to how she views the rest of her activities and what she still needs to get done. It also helps a great deal in calming any nerves, and kills time.

End note: If friends are getting hurt for one needing to take some alone time, they are not true friends. One should not need to entertain her friends 24/7. She needs time for herself, and if people do not like it then too bad.