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Five Simple Efforts for a Mindful Morning Routine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

She wakes up at five in the morning, does yoga for an hour, makes homemade oat milk lattes at six, watches the sunset, and finishes off with a green protein smoothie. Becoming ‘that girl’ for a day quickly became one of the hottest summer obsessions of 2021. Girls flooded social media with their attempts at this aesthetic lifestyle. 

The intention is to take control of the day by embracing a healthy routine and treating the mind and body. This mindful effort, though good, is now a romanticized personality trait that reminds others just how much they don’t have it together. 

For most girls, mornings are not aesthetic. The persistent alarm clock, school stress, lack of sleep, and duties of the day fill the mind with constant noise and distraction. Suddenly, the day begins without one moment of stillness. That which filled up space in the mind yesterday gets carried into the new day. This cycle, however, does not have to take control over the day anymore. These five acts of mindfulness can benefit any girl’s morning, regardless of her lifestyle.

Phone stays down

A critical habit to get into is not checking your phone when you first wake up. Try to ignore your phone until you have taken time for yourself. It is hard on the eyes and the mind to fill up with the outside world first thing in the morning. Allow time for refreshment and reflection before opening the mind to the world.


Welcome the day with natural sunlight; it brings light and energy into the room and your mind. Your eyes will appreciate the gentle transition from dark to natural light instead of the harsh blue light of your phone. A dose of Vitamin D is essential in the morning.


Say no to the avalanche of stresses knocking on the door and take five minutes to clear your mind. Write down or mentally note the goals and concerns of the day and the things that you are looking forward to. Read a quote or verse that encourages you and speaks the truth. This quick exercise prepares your mind to conquer the day ahead. 

Make the bed

This may be the simplest act of mindfulness, but it is one worth the habit. A clear bed creates a clear mindset. Making the bed is also a physical act of transition from night to day. It forces you to leave the night behind and walk into the day. In less than a minute, the room and mind are on the same page.

Lemon water

Lemon water is a healthy addition to any morning routine. Dr. Roxanne B. Sukol MD, MS, a practitioner of internal medicine, says that lemon water is beneficial in the morning. Lemon water hydrates the body, improves skin health, and boosts stomach acid, which is critical for digestion. It is also a weapon against diseases, kidney stones, and cell damage. A glass of lemon water in the morning is a quick treat for the body.

The morning is an essential time for physical and emotional reset. These five ideas engage the mind and body for a refreshing start to the day. A color-coordinated yoga set and 9 pm bedtime might provide a confidence booster and a good night’s sleep, but they do not determine the quality of the day. You, girl, have control over your day.

Savannah studies English with an emphasis in Professional Writing at GCU. Her dog and the California coast back home sum up her passions. She loves discovering more about this world through the process of writing and sharing her words with others!