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The Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Whitney Simmons | @whitneyysimmons

Whitney is one of the fastest growing fitness influencers on Instagram and for good reason. With her inspiring story of growing a love for health and fitness to her amazing work outs, it’s a page you will find yourself going back to for tips and tricks. She first got into fitness after she experienced hardship in her life. She got to a place where she was no longer happy with herself or how she looked and made the decision to dedicate herself to working out and eating healthy. Now, Whitney is the face of Gym Shark and consistently posts workouts on both Instagram and YouTube consisting of leg, arm, chest/back, and HIIT workouts. She sticks to simple techniques that allow anyone from beginner to advanced join in. Above all, she is extremely humble and genuine with her achievements and loves her fans.

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Natalie Bally | @nattbfit 

Natalie is newer to Instagram, but just as professional with her workouts and advice. For all the college students out there, she is a go-to for learning how to balance school work with living a healthy lifestyle. As a student at Ohio State University, she has a lot on her plate, but she thrives off of the gym and it sheds on her followers. Her workouts consist of a lot of heavy weights balanced, encouraging her fans that lifting heavy while trying to lose weight will only help your progress, not make you bulky like the myth states. Natalie always keeps her followers updated on the food she eats which consists of a good number of treats and fun eats, showing people that it’s okay to eat what you want in moderation. Lastly, she promotes having good mental health telling her followers that your happiness comes before anything else.

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Krissy Cela | @krissycela

Krissy is a hilarious, kick butt, influencer on all thing’s life. While she is an expert in working out, she also opens up about her life with her fiancé, law school, and her new puppy. She keeps it real with her struggles of feeling lazy, eating poorly, and having a crazy schedule, but at the end of the day she stays dedicated to her health and fitness goals and that is inspiring. When she has all of these things on her plate, yet find the time to work out, it reminds her followers that it is possible to find the time and effort to reach your goals if you really want it. To make her even more perfect, Krissy is a huge supporter of lifting up women and always spreading positivity into the world. 

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Julie Ledbetter | @juliealedbetter

Julie is the wise soul of the fitness Instagram with her ups and downs and brutally honest past. With her past struggles with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, she now promotes a balanced lifestyle opposed to a diet. Her big secret is macro counting; she swears by the freedom it gives her to eat what she wants when you plan it out. She does a variety of workouts including weight lifting, HIIT, and cycling. Julie promotes self-love before anything else saying that you can’t be happy in life before you love who you are, inside and out. She is married to her husband who is not only a fitness influencer as well, but also deaf. Their differences in their relationship are inspiring to her fans as they overcome their obstacles and have a fairy tale love story while they’re at it. Julie’s inspirational relationship, past, present attitude for positivity, and killer workouts inspire people to live a balanced lifestyle, find balance and peace within themselves, and be there best self, inside and out. 

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Anna Victoria | @annavictoria

Anna has what it seems to be the dream life with her own workout app, Italian husband, and a beautiful golden retriever. Anna has built a life for herself with her own business involving workouts for her followers and reached her own goals while she did it. Her Instagram is not only fitness oriented, but also full of her amazing style and jaw dropping travel photos. She provides unique workouts that you won’t get bored with or see anywhere else. Above all of this, she keeps it real with her followers, letting them know it’s okay to have bad day, lazy days, and cheat days.  She promotes listening to your body, taking days to yourself, and just living a life that makes you happy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@annavictoria


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