Healthy Eating in College

Eating in college can be a bit of a challenge. Especially since you are away from some place that may have given you a stable meal everyday. Now that you are in college you get to decide for yourself what you get to eat and how often you eat it. That can either be really good for you, or it could be one of trying mistakes during your time. One thing that everyone knows about eating in college is that they don't want to gain the supposed "Freshmen 15 or 20 or 30" or whatever number some students gain or continue to gain while at college. Here are a few tips that could help you eat healthier in college. 

#1 Utilize the school dinning hall(s)

This spot, while over a while may not be your favorite, but it is a great source of a variety of food. Sure you could fall into the pattern of eating the same food each day, but why not pick the same food you eat something healthy. At the Max there are a variety of options that can lead you to eating a healthier option. 


#2 Have someone develop a nutrition plan for you

One thing I have learned during my time in college is that there are a variety of ways and people that are willing to help you be your best self. I've had friends who are Exercise Science majors help develop a nutrition plan for their friends. It never hurts to reach out to people or services that are food friendly to see all the help and benefits they have to offer. 


#3 Buy fresh foods and make meals at home

The best way to know tha you are actually eating healthy in college is to know what you are feeding yourself and preparing it for yourself. Maybe do this with friends so that you can all be healthy together. 


These are just some tips on how to eat healthy in college. I hope this is useful! Good luck Bobcats.