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The Importance of Cooking with Family

There is nothing like going home and cooking with my mom, aunts, and grandmother for the holidays, or just any other time. Cooking and food brings family, friends and even strangers together! 

My family consists of mostly women and only two boys- my brother and my cousin. Even better, my great-grandmother was an actual, professional cook and even had her own cafe in Columbus, Georgia! She would make homemade ice cream, cake and other yummy, sweet treats. One thing she was famous for were her homemade biscuits and sweet potato pie. Luckily, her talents and recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, driving home for me just how important cooking really is. 

My grandmother is also a cook and loves to have family over every Saturday to cook and play games and just enjoy each other and have a good time. In addition to those two incredible women, my aunt picked up cooking while in the army and now has her own catering business and food truck! My mom gets her experience from all three of them, plus 13 years of being a mother of three. I love cooking with them and trying new recipes every week and cooking different foods that we can add to my aunt’s menu. 

Over the past year, especially now that I don’t have a meal plan, I’ve really started to love cooking! It’s a source of stress relief for me and a break from school and all the stresses of life. 

Learning not only my cooking skills from all four of these women but also learning how to get through life and learn from their mistakes, is what makes cooking with my family so special.We’ve made so many memories in the kitchen of laughs, cries and just storytelling. 

I’ve enjoyed the past 20 years and I’ll continue to relish every moment with my family, along with all the new memories, going forward. Even if cooking isn’t your thing, I encourage everyone to find something they love to do with their family and friends, because spending time with these people is so important! You also never know what you miss if you don’t make the effort. 

My name is Jamiah Campbell. I am a third year student at Georgia Tech and I am studying Industrial Engineering. I enjoy reading and writing, watching sports and going shopping.
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