Meal Delivery Services: The New Trend You Should Already Be Using

I don’t know about you guys, but I really love to cook and of course eat! However, my busy school and work schedule can make it tricky to find the time not only to cook, but to also shop for groceries and find new recipes. Meal delivery services are growing in popularity and allowing individuals to have all the ingredients needed for their dinners for the week delivered right to their doorstep. Companies such as Marley Spoon, Blue Apron, and Home Chef are a few of the many organizations to provide this service. 

So how do these services work? 

Customers can sign up online and immediately begin customizing their meal delivery plan to best fit their personal needs. Most services allow customers to choose between and family plan, which has serving sizes of four, or a two-person plan. Additionally, most services have customers choose how many meals they want to receive each week ranging from two to four days. Next customers are able to choose from a wide selection of recipes to be delivered for the week. Typically, these services provide ten to twenty different recipes that change weekly. Many companies also provide three to four vegetarian options a week. For vegans, check out Purple Carrot which is an entirely vegan meal delivery service. (Photo Courtesy of Marley Spoon)

At the start of the week, customers receive a box that contains all the recipes and ingredients for the meals selected. All the ingredients are already measured and portioned to be the amount needed for the recipe. I appreciated this aspect because it helps to reduce wasted food and speeds up the cooking process. I found that the recipes were comprehensive and easy to follow making this service highly usable for beginner cooks. 

Meal delivery services are such fun and easy way to improve cooking skills and bring some variety into the meals that I ate each week. I absolutely loved being exposed to a wide variety of different foods and flavors that I would not have thought to cook with on my own. Additionally, the service saved me a great deal of time by eliminating how often I needed to buy groceries and reducing cooking time.