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Stop the Self-Shaming: Four Ways To Soothe Your Mind During COVID-19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

It’s no secret that quarantine has strained many aspects of our pre-pandemic lives. However, to keep ourselves and our communities protected, it’s important to find alternative activities that help us get through our days and bring us peace while doing so. To stay in regulations with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines, check out four ways below that you can safely relieve some stress from your mind.

1. Participate in Virtual Therapy

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The physical isolation we are going through every single day may begin to or already has taken a toll on your mental health. If you’re feeling stuck in a depressive episode, or even just more sad than normal, don’t feel ashamed in seeking help from a mental health expert. Websites like Blah Therapy let you talk to anonymous users for free to get anything you’re thinking about of your mind, or resources like Better Help allow you to connect with professional therapists almost immediately. It’s important to discuss your feelings, whether you are happy or sad. These are uncertain times, make sure you are checking in with yourself honestly.

2. Go Outdoors Safely

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Lately, everyone has had time to reevaluate how they like to spend their days. Having to stay in your home may feel difficult, but it’s important to stick to the essentials right now like grocery shopping, going to work or visiting the doctors. By choosing to skip out on parties, sleepovers and trips, we are saving lives. The good news is that there are plenty of things to do outdoors that are often free where people are naturally spaced more than six feet apart. For instance, Tallahassee is home to many beautiful parks and scenic spots that let you connect with nature. Also, who doesn’t love a park picnic where Publix subs are likely on the menu? Check out places like Alfred B. Maclay Gardens or Tom Brown Park today to find out their guidelines and regulations for the pandemic before planning your next visit.

3. Try Out a Creative Hobby

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Staying home has inspired people to get creative and explore new hobbies or build upon existing ones. We’ve seen nationwide trends of bread-baking and learning TikTok dances. While in quarantine, I found a knack for making homemade cards for holidays and birthdays. It’s a fun craft that can also end up being a special gift for friends and family. The best part was learning to make wax seals for my letters. There are endless possibilities for stamp designs and wax melt colors. Take time to explore what makes you excited—whether that be baking or sewing, maybe learning to play a new instrument or perfecting your free-throw skills. Just have fun with whatever you choose to do and be proud of yourself for it too.

4. Make Time for Relaxation

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One of the hardest parts of this pandemic is the inability to spend quality time with friends and families. To keep calm, it’s rewarding to find activities that make you feel good about yourself and let you enjoy your own company. From reading at the beach to grabbing a bite to eat or doing some morning yoga—find out what makes your body feel good. With a lot of overwhelming news and negativity, sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect. A good practice to bring into your daily routine is the Mindful Minute. Try to sit in a comfortable spot and let yourself be completely silent and still, becoming aware of your breathing. In this minute you’re able to increase awareness within your body and can even set intentions for the rest of your day.

Happy relaxing!

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Brooke is a senior at FSU pursuing an Editing, Writing and Media degree with a minor in Psychology. She has a passion for working within her community as an Enrichment Tutor for young children. Brooke hopes to become published in an accredited magazine with an eye-catching editorial piece one day. Check out @dixon_brooke12 on Twitter for more!
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