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This S**t Is Bananas! Why Bananas Are Our Favorite Ingredient This Quarantine

We are a few weeks into quarantine and all trying to find a new hobby. For many people, their new hobby has become cooking and baking new things! There has been a trend with a specific food that is hard to ignore, and it includes bananas. Well, move over whipped coffee it’s time for banana bread to make its debut. 

Banana bread is one of those baked goods that for some reason most of us have had at some point, but not many of us seem to have it very often. Being in quarantine, with much more free time, has managed to change that for many people. Banana bread is becoming a much more common occurrence. 

It is hard to say where this sudden baking trend started, but the first big mention of banana bread that comes to mind is the moment on Twitter where Chrissy Teigen traded a loaf of her banana bread for some romaine lettuce. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend met up with Chris Klemens to exchange and that was it. The next place it seemed to take off on was Tik Tok. People started creating 15 to 60-second videos with their own recipes or recipes they found online.  

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I asked a few other Her Campus girls about their opinions and experiences with all their bananas and I got quite a few responses. Hannah Masten said that she has made banana bread at least three times now! She got the super simple recipe from Anneliese Muller. Anneliese uses only four ingredients and says that it is super healthy, and the baking helps relieve stress. These ladies aren’t the only ones that have taken this project on! It seems like every time you open a different social media platform someone new has baked up some banana bread. There is even a Tik Tok by @cookingwithshereen that has 3.8 million likes and 19.1 million views just from her giving her banana bread recipe. 

It isn’t just banana bread though; it might just be bananas as an ingredient that is trending. Jenna Ward stated that she didn’t make banana bread, but she did make banana muffins! When you have very ripe bananas and don’t want them to go to waste, why not use them for baking? If you don’t feel like joining the baking wave, don’t worry! Ingrid Marinak brought up the option of freezing her bananas and using them in her smoothies. 

While some have yet to go and bake banana bread, they are open about it being next on their to-do list! If you find yourself bored inside, looking for new things to bake or blend, grab some bananas from your kitchen and get going. With this new trend of using bananas in recipes, you can find simple recipes online, like Anneliese’s, to get your cooking started. 

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