Seven On-Campus Mental Health Resources

Happy Hallo-week, everyone! Mental Health Awareness week may have come and gone, but there’s nothing spookier than poorly managed mental health. As a Self-Certified Anxious Person, I have had experiences with many of the resources we have on FSU’s campus. But I’ve realized recently that many students aren’t aware of what is available to them right here on campus, so here is a comprehensive list of FSU’s best resources for those struggling with mental health problems. 

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University Counseling Center

Located in the Askew Student Life Center, the University Counseling Center is probably one of the more well-known on-campus resources. I can personally vouch for the counseling center and have had very positive experiences with them. If you’re looking for something more extensive, you can see a counselor regularly. But if you’re just in need of some quick help, they offer walk-ins during their regular hours which are Monday through Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm. Although they specialize in shorter-term counseling, they are able to provide students who need further help with off-campus resources. They also have group counseling sessions for those looking to talk with and help other students going through similar situations, and also provide a variety of workshops and events for students. 

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Dean of Students

Case Managers at the Dean’s office in University Center A are also a great resource. In the past, I have received help from them in the form of a letter of support. The Case Manager I worked with sent the letter to a professor of a class that I was at risk of failing. The letter detailed whatever extenuating circumstances I had and the professor was willing to work with me so that I could pass the class. Letters of support from the case managers don’t have to be accepted by professors, but I was told that most professors are willing to work with you if you have reached out to the case managers. However, I also having experience going to the office and not receiving the help that I was seeking. It really just depends on your situation, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you are struggling academically due to mental illness or any other extenuating circumstances.

Victim Advocate Program

Also located in the Dean’s office, the Victim Advocacy Center specializes in helping students who have been victims of crimes. The Victim Advocacy Program provides a safe space for students to discuss their options. The advocates keep your information confidential and can offer services like emotional support, crisis intervention, referrals, advice on legal or medical matters and instructor notification.

Adult Learning Evaluation Center 

Also known as ALEC, the Adult Learning Evaluation Center can provide evaluations to students and other adults experiencing academic difficulties due to learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties that can affect a student’s performance. ALEC is located in room 2207 in the Stone Building and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5:00.

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Psychiatry Clinic at the Health and Wellness Center

If you are in need of a diagnosis or medication management, FSU has a psychiatry clinic, where doctors and nurses can provide care for those with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. Located on the 5thfloor of the Health and Wellness Center, the psychiatry clinic partners with the Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Victim Advocate Program and ALEC to provide psychiatric care for students in need.  

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FSU Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic is operated by FSU’s Department of Psychology and provides therapy for FSU students as well as adults, teens and children who do not attend the university. Services are provided by doctorate students in FSU’s Clinical Psychology PhD program, who are supervised by faculty members. The office is located on West Call Street and is open Monday-Thursday 8:00am-8:00pm and Friday 8:00am-4pm.

Student Disability Resource Center

The SDRC specializes in providing help to students with disabilities, whether physical or mental. If you are struggling academically due to a mental illness, you can apply for services with the SDRC and they can provide the help you need. The application is filled out online and requires documentation of your disability, such as a diagnosis, as well as a description of how your disability affects you academically. Once your application is received, the SDRC will email you with information on scheduling an intake session, where they assess your eligibility for services. They are located in University Center A along with the Case Managers and Victim Advocacy Center. You can apply for services here.

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