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Screen Time Rising During Social Distancing

As we all know there is a feature on iPhones called Screen Time that allows you to see how much time you spend on apps, websites and more. It can be very useful with making informed decisions on how to delegate what app you spend your time on efficiently. It is also a way to set up limits on each app that way you would not waste time on apps that are not as productive. It is more than just monitoring the app usage, but it monitors how many times you pick up your phone. Apple users use this as a means of seeing how productive they should be and how valuable their time is.

The people are facing uncertainty as each day goes by and only to be told the situation is getting worse. The disease has caused troubles for people all over ranging from loss of jobs, mental health arising, no commencement ceremonies, etc. The most important thing to do is to keep the children and adults doing their daily activities as much as possible.

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As COVID-19 has put everything on hold for most people, it has led us to social-distance to prevent the spread of the disease. It has made a huge increase in screen time for many children and adults. Although, parents have urged their children to stay off their phones and enjoy each other’s company, that has all changed. Nobody can go down the street to talk to their best friend like old times or go out for their sibling’s 16th birthday like they have been looking forward to. The most important thing is to allow people to make the most of Skyping, FaceTime, texting, etc. because who knows when this pandemic will end. Most children do not understand the complexity of the situation and why they cannot go see their friends in the school cafeteria. Children should still be monitored to guide what they are watching online but the fear that many children have exhibited during this time has shown they do not know what could lie next. This disease is serious, but during this time it should be putting health first and doing your best to communicate through phones, emails, etc. Some parents may worry this may cause their child to be too invested in the social media world, but during the time they may feel loneliest should be the time they reach out to their friends so they can still be together apart.

few tips that may help ease the mind of the parents:

Keep a routine

-Wake up, get dressed, create a schedule for schoolwork as well as playtime.

Keep in contact with teachers

-Stay up to date on the assignments and Zoom calls they have.

Use social media for good

-Use it to socially connect with friends and family as well as monitor your kids to make sure they are using it appropriately.

Be positive

-Do not sulk in how long this will stay like this, instead use this time as ways to better the connections between everyone.

Screen time rising is nothing to be too concerned about. Everyone is fearful of what the future holds. Do not go out and break social distancing, stay inside and make the most of using your resources and encourage communication about the COVID-19.

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