Practice Till You Make It: How To Gain Confidence in Yourself

We all have days where we don’t feel our best. But having a consistent faith and confidence in yourself goes a long way, especially on those kinds of days. Here are some tips that continue to help me gain confidence in myself!

I believe that convincing yourself you are able is what makes you capable. If you have confidence in your ability to learn something, your ability to say something, or even your ability to love yourself, it will happen! Half the battle is simply believing you can. Just be patient with yourself, practice positive self-talk, and you can achieve even the hardest of things; this applies to everything in life. Even if you start out pretending, you will eventually make confidence a habit.

It all begins with self-love…

Stand up straight!

Live life with good posture: draw your shoulders back and keep your chest tall!  Try not to look at the ground too often. Walk with your head up and embrace the world ahead. Start with convincing yourself that you are a valuable part of the community around you. Try to do all things with intention, even things as small as getting a drink of water. Mean what you do! It might feel silly but treating your everyday life as your catwalk will do wonders for your self-confidence. I began walking with such intention in high school and I haven’t stopped! It’s funny but it works! Walking around a place like you own it (even if you don’t!) helps ease your mind and believe in yourself.

Wear clothes you feel good in!

If you look good, you will feel good. Wear clothes that feel like you, and make you feel like the most attractive person on the planet. Why not wear a dress to class if you want? Why not put on a full face of makeup just to go to the gym? Why not wear your favorite shirt on an ordinary day? Life is short.

women with different body types Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels Do things you are good at.

Are you proud of your cooking abilities? Are you good at yoga? Make sure you do these things you know and love as often as possible. Keep improving and focusing on yourself, and your joy, faith in yourself, and overall confidence will improve.


In my experience, moving your body in a way you enjoy daily is essential to feeling great about yourself. Practicing healthy habits like working out, dancing, going for a run or walk, etc., will boost your endorphins and significantly contribute to your mental health. The more you get into whatever form of exercise you love, the more you will set goals for yourself and challenge yourself, building up your self-esteem and confidence!

Challenge yourself often.

Try new things! This is always a great conversation starter as well. Maybe you’ve been randomly inspired to try rock climbing! Or maybe you’re trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Whatever it may be, be grateful for the push to try something new, and lean into it! Allow yourself to make mistakes and have the confidence to continue despite drawbacks. Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone often will help you realize that you are capable of so much more than you knew. Again, convince yourself you can do it until you do!

Do something for yourself every day.

Even on our busiest days of work and school, social life, chores, etc, you should take some time each day to focus on yourself and do something you enjoy. Watch a funny Netflix show you love. Take a nap. Call a friend you miss. Tan in the sun. Take a yoga class. Go out to eat some acai. Whatever makes you smile!

Spend some time outside.

Whether that be biking to a location instead of driving, taking a walk around campus, or chilling at a park every once in a while, being around the beauty of nature will help calm you down and give you a sense of unity with the outside. This helps build my confidence because it helps me believe I am part of something bigger. Experiencing the gorgeous nature around me helps give me humble confidence to be patient in things working out.

Do your favorite things, SHAMELESSLY!

Live life to the fullest, guilty pleasures and all. If you want to binge-watch five seasons of Hannah Montana, go for it! What’s stopping you? (Except maybe a lack of Disney+ subscription). When I hear music I love, it’s hard for me not to dance to it. So, I dance! Even if I’m in public. Even if I’m in a crowded gym full of people my age. I love it! It frees me. Dancing in public isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. Find something that frees you from caring about others’ opinions. Sing at the top of your lungs in the car. Whatever it is. Not caring what people think is easier said than done, but, once you get there (and you will!), it is one of the most effective, confidence-building things you can do! Point is, once you start owning your life choices, you’ll be happier and more confident overall. No doubt.

I hope these tips helped with introspection and figuring out the parts of yourself you want to work on. Keep making time for yourself and trust the process! You must pour into yourself before you can give to others.

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