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Need an Extra Credit Hour at FSU? Take a Tennis Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

My parents told me stories about the fun times they had taking sports classes in college, so when I was in need of just one more credit hour for my first-semester schedule, they encouraged me to look into physical education courses. I signed up for tennis despite never having played before and even convinced one of my friends to sign up with me. The class met every Monday and Wednesday at noon on the courts near the Leach Student Recreation Center.

At first, I was worried about not having a racket, but our coach informed us that all we needed were sneakers and a water bottle because they provided them. When we arrived at the court on the first day, our tennis coach asked us to hold up a number from one to five based on how much previous experience we had playing tennis. Looking around, I realized I was not alone in holding up a one, as I had only attempted to play tennis once in my life. I was absolutely awful at it. When she asked why we had all signed up, a few people said they needed the credit or that they just took it for fun. We all picked up rackets and began with some easy drills.

Throughout the semester we learned about the rules of tennis and the proper technique for hitting the ball. The class was only made up of 10 people, so we did not have to worry about embarrassing ourselves when we accidentally hit a ball over the fence and into the chemistry building. The class was only 50 minutes long and not stressful at all. The grade in the class was based on attendance and participation in class activities. We had a few discussion boards, but other than that there was no written work or tests! Our coach was very helpful and genuinely wanted to see everyone improve.

By exam week, everyone in the class had improved tremendously. This class was great for me to have because I did not have another class on Mondays, so it helped me get out of bed on those grueling days to start my day. The class was like taking a break from my other stressful courses. Not only was the class fun, but it was a great workout. Not all students come into college with great health habits, but taking physical education classes can help build those by introducing students to fun ways to get active. Since FSU students can rent balls and rackets and play on the courts for free, I am able to use my new tennis skills to exercise even after the semester has ended.

 All physical education courses fall under the subject PEL in schedule assistant.

Other options for classes are volleyball, golf, basketball, soccer, frisbee, and flag football. Thanks to the new Student Union, there is also bowling and billiards. Some of these sports are also intramural sports. If you have been wanting to do an intramural but were intimidated by not knowing how to play, taking one of these classes could be a great way to learn the basics of a sport. No matter what your background in sports is, I highly recommend taking a physical education course that interests you before you leave FSU. You can even encourage your friends to sign up with you!

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I’m a communications major at Florida State. Class of 2026!