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New Year, New Me: How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last

Let’s be real, ladies- with every New Year comes a new attitude. Whether it’s vowing to hit the gym more often, kick those bad eating habits to the curb, or finally become a more organized and successful student, the promise of a new year brings about endless chances for self-improvement. However, as the excitement wears down and January comes to a close, you might feel your resolutions slipping through your fingers. Instead of throwing in the towel, check out these helpful tips and tools to turn your New Year’s Resolutions into the real deal.

Gym Time

One of the most popular and consequently one of the most failed New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape. Whether you’re chasing after the perfect spring break body or you simply want to shed a few winter pounds, the month of January is arguably the busiest time at the gym. When the immediate results you’re so longing for fail to present themselves, it’s easy to lose your motivation. Combine that with piles of homework and overall exhaustion, and before you know it, you’re skipping out on the gym. Don’t let that happen to you! Take advantage of what’s right at your fingertips! With free workout and stretching classes starting as early as 7:00 A.M. and lasting throughout the entire day, as well as endless machines offered at the Leach, there’s ample opportunity to set your own pace and figure out what works for you.

Feeling stressed out? Grab some headphones, concoct a killer workout playlist, and relieve that tension by hitting the gym. If you’re looking for a smaller, more comfortable environment to get yourself established in, the Health and Wellness Center may be a better fit for you. In order to keep yourself motivated, snag a workout buddy. Having someone build you up and push you to achieve your goals makes things so much easier and way more enjoyable.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy, much like working out, is another common New Year’s resolution that is frequently given up on. Swap your Oreos for salads and fast food for cold turkey. But instead of completely giving up all the foods you love, consider just limiting the amount of unhealthy food you’re consuming and check out healthier food options offered at various on-campus restaurants. Places such as Chili’s, Einstein Bagels, Subway, and Chick-Fil-a offer low-calorie menus brimming with delicious meals- perfect for a healthy, on-the-go refuel between classes.

Healthy food options can become expensive, and being on a college budget is definitely something to think about. Late night studying can easily turn into a midnight pizza party and stress from classes can induce a little bit of binge eating, but counteract those slipups with fresh fruit and vegetables from your local market. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water in order to keep your body feeling happy and refreshed.


We all know that being a Florida State University student is a privilege, and with that comes great responsibility along with the pressure to do well. What better time to implement some little tweaks to your study habits and organizational practices than the New Year? With the New Year comes the spring semester: a perfect excuse to raid the school supply aisle, gathering tools that will keep you on track for success. Planners, white board calendars, and reminders in your phone keep you aware of upcoming important events. Stay organized by checking syllabi ahead of time and marking your calendars in advance with available test dates and due dates for projects. Implementing the use of highlighters and color-coding helps to keep all of your classes separate and your papers looking cute. Sitting in the front of your classes, although a little intimidating at first, can also prove to be a great resource in keeping yourself organized and successful. With the temptation of phone-use eradicated, you’re attention is focused directly on the professor, making it nearly impossible to miss important information.

Finding yourself struggling with classes? Take advantage of the ACE Tutoring Center, located in the William Johnston building. The tutoring center offers tutoring in a variety of subjects. Although it may seem simple to stay organized at the beginning of the semester, as classes progress and more assignments pile up, it’s tempting to let yourself go. However, by keeping up with due dates and assignments, you’re allowing yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Sarah Shellabarger is a senior at Florida State University, majoring in English - Editing, Writing, Media and minoring in Communications. This is her third semester as a HCFSU staff writer. When she's not drowning in assigned readings, Sarah enjoys attempting to get celebrities to follow her on Twitter, daily Dunkin Donuts trips, praising Stevie Nicks, and (unsuccesfully) begging her boyfriend to buy her a kitten. Sarah hopes to one day put her witty banter to good use by writing for a clever yet underappreciated TV show, and eventually becoming the next Tina Fey.    
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