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Use These Self-Care Resources on Campus That Your Tuition Is Funding

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Being a college student comes with a new set of challenges and responsibilities that many of us have never faced before. Living practically on our own without the assistance of parents or older siblings can come as quite a shock to anyone used to living under a shared roof.

Not only that, but we’re expected to manage classes, social life, and our health all at the same time. It can feel isolating and overwhelming at times, especially in your first few years. While I’m no expert at living on my own, the experience of three years in an apartment has changed me from the naive youngest sister who was dependent on everyone in her family to the young adult who has managed to keep a steady GPA while also taking care of my health.

Again, my experience isn’t perfect, but I certainly have learned a lot over time. Something that took me a while to realize was how many resources my university provides to help me take care of myself. Not every university is the same. However, most state schools and many private schools provide their students with resources that are scarcely taken advantage of.

If you feel awkward looking into these aspects of your school, remember you’re paying for it. Seriously, all that tuition is going somewhere! The truth is, while college is a huge leap toward independence, your university is likely spending your money on things you can take advantage of, but never will. That stops today. Don’t let thousands of dollars go to waste and make the most out of your time at school to maintain the healthiest lifestyle you can.

The Gym

Gym memberships can be ridiculously expensive. Lucky for you, many universities have a gym on campus that’s free for students! Taking advantage of a free gym membership is something many students skip over during their time at school. Going to the gym can be a great way to relieve stress or just allow your body some movement after a long day of studying.

When classes get tough, we may neglect our physical health. It’s easy to get quick vending machine snacks and pull all-nighters to ace that exam. With a gym on campus, it’s likely the closest you will ever be to a gym in your life. Rather than having to get in your car and take a chunk out of your day just commuting to the gym, you can walk over and go as a quick break between classes or study sessions! It’s a quick, easy, and simple way to take care of yourself during a busy day. Seriously, you may never get a free gym membership again. Use it!


Aside from physical health, our mental health can also take a huge hit during college. While it may feel impossible to get yourself out of a rut, your school like offers services that could help you.

While therapy isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is perfect for every therapist, through my own experience, I have benefited greatly from the resources available to me. After college, therapy gets expensive. While insurance helps cover the cost, how often will you be able to at least try out therapy for free?

Of course, it’s possible that these free services won’t provide the help for you that they do for someone else. However, it never hurts to try.

Getting caught up in the franticness of college life often makes us forget just how much is at our fingertips. Trust me, I’m aware of the irony of suggesting you use school resources to destress from school. College is sort of a double-edged sword, isn’t it?

Regardless, we all go through tough times. I hope today I could at least remind you to check on yourself, and possibly look into what you have available to you as a student. I’ll say it one last time: Your tuition is going toward these services. Use them while you still can!

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My name is Dana and I'm a undergraduate student studying Creative Writing & Advertising at Florida State University! I am also minoring in both Film Studies and Psychology. I love to write, dance, play music, and hang out with those closest to me!