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How I Learned To Love Running as Someone Who Used To Hate It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

I used to hate running. Absolutely hate it. Every time my mom would convince me to go on a run with her, I wouldn’t enjoy one second of it. I felt like I was too slow and couldn’t keep up with her. I could also only run half a mile at a time. So, I avoided running at all costs for years. 

Then, last year in my freshman year of college, something changed. I decided to try running again, and I found out that I actually loved it! Now I run all the time, and it’s one of my favorite forms of working out. Here are some things that I did (and you could try too!) that changed me from someone who absolutely hated running to someone who loves it. 


One of the most important things to do when you start your running journey is to get good running shoes. Before I started running consistently, I would wear regular gym shoes and my feet and legs would start hurting only a couple minutes into a run. 

After I realized my bad shoes were the reason my legs were always hurting, I bought running shoes at a running store and it changed my experience entirely. It’s so important to get good running shoes when you first start running because they will help you stay more consistent and not hurt yourself. My favorite brand for running shoes is New Balance, but some other good brands are HOKA, Nike, and Brooks. 


I found that I run so much farther and faster when I have a good playlist to run to. This might not seem very relevant when you first start to run, but it will actually change your running game. I like to pick a playlist of songs that motivate me to keep going. I also use songs to time each portion of my run, making it a fun way to track my run and remaining distance. 


Starting slow is key to your running journey. This was one of my biggest mistakes and why I didn’t like running when I first tried. Starting too fast or setting an overly ambitious pace or distance goals can discourage you and diminish your willingness to continue. 

I have found that the perfect pace for your run entails finding a rhythm where you can comfortably breathe out of your nose. For me, this was around a 13-minutes-a-mile pace. As you run more often, you can work up to a faster pace. 

It’s also important not to be too ambitious with the distance you want to run. I recommend starting with a shorter distance, such as a quarter mile or half mile, and then working up to a mile or multiple from there. Furthermore, when you first start running, take as many walking breaks as you need, as this can help you stay consistent.


One of the biggest reasons why I never liked running was because I had a very negative mindset when I started. I would tell myself and others that I hated running, convinced that I would never be able to run long distances or that my speed couldn’t match up to others.

I realized that by using the word “never,” I was sabotaging myself when it came to my enjoyment of running. When I got on a treadmill and said to myself, “Maybe I can do this,” I was able to run a full mile. 

Half of the work you will do when exercising, especially running, is mental. If you change your mindset, you’ll have a much better chance at completing your running goals than if you tell yourself you can’t.


The most important step to learning how to love running is to be consistent and make sure you have fun. The only way to start running faster and farther is to keep at it. Maybe challenge yourself to run a half mile twice a week or two miles with walking breaks every quarter of a mile. If you stay consistent with running, you’ll be much more likely to see improvement each week. 

It’s also so important to make sure you’re having fun! You can curate a specific playlist where you can run to the beat of the songs, run outside in your favorite park, run with a group of friends, and more! Do whatever will create the most enjoyable time for you when you’re running. 

If you’ve always hated running but have always wanted to do it, this is your sign to start trying! You never know if you’re actually going to like something until you really try it. Happy running!

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