Last Week in Pop Culture, Icons Make Strides to Bettering Society

1. Jennifer Lawrence Swapped Acting for Activism

Jennifer Lawrence (J.Law) is at it again. The actress has been very vocal in the past when it came to politics and now took it a step further. J.Law recently announced that she would be taking the next year off. She wants to get “young people engaged politically” more than they already are. We are so happy to see a big name in Hollywood trying to make a change when it comes to the next generation being politically active!

 Courtesy: People

2. Big Names in Hollywood Donated to Parkland Victims’ March

After the recent tragedy that took place in Parkland, FL, major celebrities in Hollywood donated to show their support for the upcoming “March for Our Lives.” First, Amal and George Clooney donated $500,000 to the cause and Oprah soon followed. All of them agreed that they were extremely proud of the cause and with what the victims of the shooting were doing to make a change. The march will take place March 24. Cities all across the country will be participating, including Washington D.C. with the goal for voices to be heard and no longer ignored.

 Courtesy: Meaww

3. Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Admitted to Being Broke Before Making It

Adam Rippon became the latest fan favorite of the winter Olympics and recently revealed that before he made it, he was broke and living with his coach. As the first openly gay athlete, Rippon opened doors for the future athletes of the sporting world. He stated on Twitter, “I would steal all the apples they had out for all the gym members because sometimes I wouldn’t have enough $$$ for groceries.” We’re sure Rippon won’t ever have that problem with the sponsorships he’s bound to have coming in!

 Courtesy: The Wrap

4. Camila Mendes Gave Up Dieting

The Riverdale star recently took to Instagram and shared a brutally honest post about how dieting and her perception of having to be thin were taking away from her enjoyments in life. Mendes described how she hates the “toxic narrative” that the media portrays when discussing the topic of body types. With so much pressure in society nowadays to be thin, we’re so glad she took this step and hope she helps others who are struggling!

 Courtesy: Glamour​

5. CoverGirl Showed They Won’t Stop the Diversity Fight

CoverGirl is a cult classic among drugstore makeup lovers. The company is also one that continued to make waves. They recently featured a new commercial with a model that has vitiligo. This skin condition, where the skin loses pigment and leaves discolored patches in different areas, has been seen before in the fashion world thanks to Winnie Harlow, but not yet in the beauty world. Model, Amy Deanna, is the latest spokesperson for CoverGirl that changed the game. The ad showed her using the company’s products to further enhance, rather than cover up, her skin. We’re all for this beauty industry win!​

 Courtesy: Glamour ​