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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Middleton, has had a publicly envied fitness level since her first royal appearance in 2011. She’s passionate about health and has maintained her figure by following a clean diet and versatile exercise regime. Tradition dictates that royals rarely give interviews, but multiple sources have informed Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Elle, Racked and numerous other publications Middleton’s health secrets. 

1) Establish an Accountability Partner

Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s younger sister, serves as a fitness accountability partner of sorts for the Duchess. In doing so, the two women challenge each other to be their best selves, by acting as healthy competition.  

2) Cook on a schedule

Royal chef, Carolyn Robb, informed Racked that Middleton makes most of the meals for Prince William, her children and herself. By cooking on a schedule, it’s possible to plan nutrient and vitamin intake, as well as avoid unnecessary sugars. 

Photo by Natanja Grun from Unsplash

3) Plank, plank, plank

According to Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge absolutely loves planks and attributes much of her muscle and fitness level to the fact that she regularly incorporates planking into her exercise routine. Additionally, Middleton deeply believes in the importance of switching up the types of planks; the three main kinds she does are basic plank, side plank and sky prone dive.

4) Smoothies for Breakfast (and Maybe Lunch?)

Reportedly, Kate Middleton sometimes has multiple smoothies a day, and almost always makes one for breakfast. Her favorite things to add are spirulina, kale, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro and blueberries. 

5) Exercise Intentionally

Although advice of this nature isn’t exclusive to Kate Middleton’s health regime, it’s still very relevant to how she stays fit. The Duchess of Cambridge works out every morning for an hour and setting an intentional schedule allows busy individuals to incorporate working out into a nonstop day. Middleton also enjoys Pilates and CrossFit, which are workout styles that focus on resistance training, weights, squats and running. Bodyweight exercises are also an integral part of the Duchess’s workout routine, and often effectively improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. Middleton also likes to “skip” during cardio, which is a fun and easy way to enjoy exercise. 

6) Challenge Yourself

Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Cambridge often emphasizes the importance of embracing difficult workouts; she regularly swims, runs and rows—all of which are stereotypically difficult activities. 

7) Stretch

In addition to the aforementioned challenging workout styles that Kate Middleton enjoys, she’s also passionate about yoga and believes deeply in the importance of stretching and the necessity of prioritizing posture. 

8) Simple Exercise

Squats, lunges, and push-ups are all also important parts of Kate Middleton’s workout routine; some of her favorite lunges are diagonal and reverse and she also enjoys glute bridges. In all of the excitement surrounding popular fitness studios and styles, it’s important to remember that the classics are that for a reason – while simple, they’re still effective.

9) Put a Healthy Twist on Sweets

Often, Middleton will add berries and almond milk to her sweets; Daily Mail reports that her diet is primarily organic and rich in antioxidants. In doing this, it’s possible to enjoy dessert while avoiding unnecessary caloric and carbohydrate intake. 

10) Dukan Diet

The Duchess is reportedly very passionate about this style of eating, which limits carbohydrate intake, and emphasizes the consumption of lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats and oils. She also avoids dairy whenever she can. 

Disclaimer: Carbohydrates are an important part of any diet, so make sure to consult a physician before deciding to follow the Dukan Diet.

In short, Kate Middleton is an individual who prioritizes a diverse exercise routine, focuses on healthy food intake, and doesn’t overwork herself. 

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