How You Can Participate in March for Our Lives’ #TurnoutTuesday

Ever since an active shooter left 17 fellow classmates dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a group of extremely politically active students have been running a movement called March For Our Lives. On March 24, they ran a nation-wide march in Washington D.C. calling on political officials and bureaucratic groups to tighten gun control laws. These students have also inspired hundreds of school walkouts, protests and letter writing campaigns to senators to continue spreading awareness of their cause. However, as the midterm election is fast approaching, the students in charge of March For Our Lives have created a new movement to get young adults and students politically active and registered to vote.

From now until Election Day on Nov. 6, they are encouraging college students to participate in their #TurnoutTuesday campaign. According to the leader of March For Our Lives, Emma Gonzalez, the last midterm election four years ago had the lowest youth voter turnout in history. These students are determined to get youth politically involved and make the voice of our generation heard loud and clear in the upcoming election. As the goal of their campaign, they want everyone who is old enough and able to vote in the election to register and actually show up to the polls. On the March For Our Lives website, their mission statement is clear: “to encourage all eligible voters to elect morally just leaders on all levels of government.”

No matter what your political background is or what political party you are a part of, March For Our Lives wants you and all of your friends to get out and vote. Want to participate in their #TurnoutTuesday campaign? Here’s how.


 Courtesy: March For Our Lives


Oct. 9 – Wear Your Flag Shirt

You’re encouraged to wear any shirt or clothing item that has an American flag on it (especially if you own the March For Our Lives Voter Registration Flag T-Shirt). When other people see you wearing the flag around campus, it will remind them that they need to register to vote and remind their friends to register to vote. If you’re feeling especially politically active, ask people that you pass by in your dorm or on campus if they are registered yet. If not, have them register; it takes less than two minutes!

Oct. 16 – Get ART the vote!

Do you like being creative and artistic? March For Our Lives wants you to make artwork, posters, or social media blasts and hang them up all over campus or post on your social media accounts. When people see these signs, they will be reminded that they need to register to vote. If you’re not feeling the artsy mood, there are many pre-made graphics online that are available to print out or post.

Oct. 23 – Candidate Town Hall

Living in Tallahassee, this is a great and attainable way to get politically involved. Call up one of the many candidates working or living in the area and see if they can host a town hall with other candidates to talk about their platform before the election. This way you can see if you are in agreement with their values and ideas once they are in office. March For Our Lives recommends that you start planning this as early as possible. If you need assistance on where to begin, check out the Town Hall starter pack on their website.

Oct. 30 – Chalk Out The Vote

Walking around the FSU campus, there is always a variety of chalk drawings on the sidewalks. Here’s your opportunity to create your own chalk masterpiece! Grab some chalk from the store and make artwork on the sidewalks to remind people to vote. It would also be a great idea to remind them where the nearest polling site is, so they know where they are supposed to be turning up on Election Day.

Election Day: Nov. 6 – Walkout to Vote

At 10 a.m., no matter where you are or what class you’re in, you’re encouraged to walk out and head to your nearest polling site. You can officially register your walkout on and join thousands of other students around the country in this peaceful protest of walking to vote. This is the most important day, as this is the day where you can actually vote! No matter if you are able to walk out or not, make sure you vote and bring all your friends to vote that day!




If you want more information on how to get involved with #TurnoutTuesday or March For Our Lives, visit their website