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I remember first hearing the news about the coronavirus and how it affected so many people back in late February and early March of this year, while I was still on campus. It was scary to hear about the symptoms and bad it could be to contract it. I was scared to get it myself. Everything shut down soon after that. My school sent everyone home and told us to not come back on campus unless instructed to do so, our country went on lockdown for two weeks and there was a sudden frenzy to buy as many hand sanitizers as possible and always carry a mask.

Let’s fast forward to late July. Up to this point, I had worn my mask and had taken care of myself as much as possible. I even refrained from going out, out of fear that I might contract the virus. Then, my nightmare became my reality.

My mom tested positive for COVID-19. It was hard, to say the least. I’ve never seen someone become so weak and fragile in such a short period of time, especially not someone that was always strong and active on her feet. It was hard to see her sick and not be able to be near her to hold her and care for her in the way she has done for me.

However, she got better and pretty soon she tested negative for COVID-19. I thought that my family had gone through the worst of it until one day when I kept coughing, grew really tired and was in pain whenever I moved.

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Later on in the week, I got tested at a CVS, just to see if my suspicions were true. Indeed, they were: I tested positive for COVID-19. Was I surprised? Yes and no. I thought I had taken enough precautions in order to be safe and prevent catching the virus. However, my mom did test positive for it and we live in the same household, so it was possible I got it from her by touching the same household items or even from the air.

It was definitely something I never want to experience again. Not only did it hurt to move but my sense of taste and smell completely disappeared. Eating became an uncomfortable task to do, and because I didn’t want to spread the virus, I stayed in my room for the majority of the time.

As I am an outgoing person, being inside my home for almost two weeks and only going inside my car if I wanted a change of scenery was hard to say the least. I wasn’t able to do the things that I enjoyed doing with the people I love and care about. I missed out on hanging out with my family, being able to go outside and not being afraid of getting someone sick.

I did get better though. After being holed up in my room for a week, I started to feel better and felt it was time for me to get tested again to see if I was still positive. A week after getting tested, the results came back negative and I was happy, to say the least.

Getting the coronavirus is a different experience for everyone. However, for me it was something that I never want anyone else to go through. It completely weakens you and makes you feel so alone and isolated. But, it made me more appreciative of the time spent being with my family and enjoying the little things.

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