How to Get Your Sh*t Together for Fall Semester

It always starts the same, a whirlwind of overpacked moving cars, new classes and a world of opportunities. The beginning of the semester is an exciting time, but all of this excitement can make it easy for stress to boil up. Here are a few things you can do at the beginning of the semester to make sure your nerves stay low.

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Revamp Your Space

“Tidy space, tidy mind.” It’s been drilled into our minds countless times and yet it still holds true. Your physical space drastically affects your mental space. Sure, I love any good excuse for a room makeover, but it’s also nice for your space to act as your perfect getaway. The beginning of the semester is the perfect time to make sure it feels like just that! If you’re living on that broke college girl budget, don’t stress. You don’t need to go out and buy a whole new room, just go through and make sure your room reflects your personality. Revamping your space doesn’t require all new stuff, you can just rearrange what you already have. However, if you really want to redo your room, I suggest creating a mood board on Pinterest then trying to thrift or DIY as much as you can.

Develop A Self-Care Routine

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get stressed out is not taking enough time for yourself. Whether it’s journaling before bed or a full-on spa day, it’s important to develop a self-care routine. In the hecticness of the semester, it’s easy to forget about self-care, but you can prevent this by developing a weekly, or even daily, routine. Some easy things you can incorporate into your routine are taking a bath after a long day, journaling out your frustrations, or planning a weekly coffee date with friends!

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Get Active

You don’t have to spend hours at the Leach every day to get the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Exercise is proven to benefit your mental health and has been shown to help cope with stress! With so much variety, you’ll be able to find an exercise that suits you. Whether it’s morning yoga (I would suggest watching Yoga with Adrienne), a Leach class, FSU intramural sports or even just walking across campus because you couldn’t find parking.

Find Your GYST Place

By dedicating a specific place to be your GYST (get your sh*t together) area, you’re more likely to focus and get work done. You’ll automatically have a more productive mindset when you go there because you know you are going there to work. If you’re anything like me, this place is a cute coffee shop, but it can also be a picnic table at your favorite park or even just a dedicated space in your room!

Check-In with Your Goals

Brainstorm everything you want to achieve this semester. It can be getting straight As or finding a job or even something as simple as finally visiting that place you’ve been wanting to. Once you’ve brainstormed, prioritize which goals are most important and make a list. By evaluating your semester goals, you’re more likely to stay on track. Make sure once you’re done you put the list in a visible spot so that you won't forget about it!

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Perhaps the most exciting part of the new semester is its potential. Back to school means football games, friends and so much more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed start adding some things to your calendar, schedule time with your friends and yourself. And take a look at your new goals list when planning to make sure you’re on track.

Talk to Someone

If you're still stressed out, talk to someone. We often need someone to help provide some perspective. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family or close friends. The FSU Counseling Center also offers six free sessions a semester.  

Now you’re ready to crush the semester! Don’t be afraid to let your inner girl boss shine, you’ve got this!