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Here’s How I Prep My Skin to Survive the Tallahassee Heat — and What You Need to Do To Prep Your Skin, Too

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Presented by Her Campus x Estée Lauder

After a long day of withering away in the Tallahassee heat, skincare is an essential part of my routine to wind down. Between speed walking to get to class on time and sunbathing on Landis Green, a rejuvenating skincare routine is exactly what I need to cool me down at the end of the day. FSU’s brutal rising temperature is bound to leave our skin feeling oily, greasy, and overall unfresh; but luckily, Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Collection has a solution to making sure that my skin can bounce back at the end of a long, hot day.

Check out how I prep my skin to survive the Tallahassee heat – and how you can survive it, too!!

Step 1: 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser

I like to start my skincare routine off with Estée Lauder’s 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser. Lathering and massaging the formula onto a damp face helps remove excess oil and impurities with every rinse. Aside from using this cleanser in the morning and at night, a thin layer can be applied and washed off after one minute weekly as a purifying mask. This cleanser also minimizes my pores and ensures that my skin will look better than it did at the beginning of the day! And now I can lounge on any of FSU’s gorgeous greens without leaving my skin ridden with dirt and oil.

Step 2: Radiant Essence Lotion

Next up in my routine is the Radiant Essence Lotion. I always apply it after the Foam Cleanser by gently rubbing it into my face with either my clean hands or a cotton pad. And, because this lotion can be applied in both the a.m. and the p.m, I can truly stay fresh all day too, especially because this lotion helps reduce the appearance of redness, oiliness, and pores. From FSU’s spring humidity to the stress of upcoming finals, this time of year is undoubtedly troublesome for my skin, but thankfully this product leaves my skin soothed and hydrated.

Step 3: Nutritious Melting Soft Crème/Mask

Using the Nutritious Melting Soft Crème/Mask is the perfect way to wrap up my routine at the end of the day! Its hydrating formula calms my skin and simultaneously strengthens my skin barrier while reducing and minimizing my pores and post-acne marks. When used as a créme, I use it morning and night, and when I use it as a weekly mask, I simply apply a thin layer of the formula, leave it on for 5 minutes, and then tissue it off. This product leaves my skin looking so good, and I no longer waste time applying makeup that I’d end up sweating off on my walk to Strozier Library or class.

As summer inches closer and closer, the thermometer in Tallahassee inches higher and higher. Florida’s sunny weather is great for the soul, but not for the skin. As the heat becomes increasingly brutal, don’t let it get the better of your gorgeous skin. Skip the skin drama and start using Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Collection.

This is a sponsored article. All opinions are 100% our own.

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Carly Nelson is an advertising major scheduled to graduate in 2026 from Florida State University. She loves music, going for coffee runs, concerts, and art.