Francesca Delgadillo: President of Helping Every Little Person

Name: Francesca Delgadillo

Year: Senior

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Major: Biology

Francesca with her niece and nephew

Her Campus (HC): Tell us about yourself.

Francesca Delgadillo (FD): I’m a senior biology major and president of Helping Every Little Person (H.E.L.P.) here at FSU.

HC: Tell us about your organization, H.E.L.P. 

FD: Helping Every Little Person is a service organization dedicated to volunteering with Tallahassee youth, specifically young children. We volunteer at three local preschools twice a month with 3-5 year olds. We bring educational activities for them but we also take them outside and just have fun.

HC: As club president what are some of your responsibilities?

FD: It varies. I oversee the Executive Board and ensure they meet the expectations of their positions. We recently expanded to a third preschool, so I am unofficially running the visits there.

HC: What are some challenges you have faced so far being president?

FD: I was the Preschool Coordinator sophomore and junior year, which is the person who is in charge of activities during the preschool visits, and it can be difficult standing back and letting the new Preschool Coordinators come up with their own activities and run the visit. We have 11 members on the Executive Board, so it can be challenging at times for everyone with differing personalities and opinions to agree on decisions, but ultimately we come together.

HC: What attracted you to H.E.L.P?

FD: I was at the Involvement Fair freshmen year with a friend and when we tried to pass H.E.L.P’s booth, one of their officers asked us if we liked kids and we said we did. He gave us a rundown of what HELP did and we joined then and there.

HC: How has your involvement shaped your FSU experience?

FD: H.E.L.P has definitely made me more aware of the Tallahassee community. Someone could easily complete their undergraduate years at FSU without actually reaching out or volunteering in this city, without realizing Tallahassee is more than just a college town. H.E.L.P has also made me realize that I want a career where I can continue to work with children.

HC: Besides attending preschools, what other activities does the club do?

FD: A few times a year, H.E.L.P brings the children from the preschools to FSU’s campus for half-day events that focus on a holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the past, H.E.L.P has also volunteered at the Big Bend Homeless Coalition.

HC: How can one get involved with H.E.L.P?

FD: If anyone is interested in joining, they can contact our Membership Coordinator, Kendra Morrison, at [email protected]. They can also try to contact us through our page on Nole Central.

HC: What is your favorite children's movie?

FD: Maybe not super kid friendly, but I grew up loving The Labyrinth.

HC: What’s your favorite city you've visited so far and why?        

FD: Atlanta. My sister lived there for years and I’ve always loved visiting her and eating at their amazing restaurants.

HC: What is one fun fact about you?           

FD: I’m also a responder with FSU’s Medical Response Unit.