End-of-Semester Group Fitness at the Leach

Thanksgiving just passed and you’re feeling a little guilty about some of your food choices.  But hey, it’s a holiday, you can let it slide.  Then you realize you’ve been home for a week, stuffing your face because there’s actually food in the refrigerator that you didn’t have to pay for—or waste time in the grocery store to get.  You ask yourself, can I really blame this whole week of unhealthy food choices on a holiday? 

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Being at home for a holiday can really do that to you—put you in a bad eating habit and keeping you away from exercising.  The good news is, when you travel back to Florida State, you have plenty of fitness opportunities to get you back on your grind.  Your regular routine at the Leach Center should surely suffice, but you also have many other options if you want to spice up your workout routine.

Group fitness classes at the Leach Center are included in your tuition (you always wonder where this money goes anyways), so why not take advantage of them?  Many fitness clubs charge a fortune in monthly fees to attended group classes.  There’s no better time to dive into a new fitness routine than when you’re in your post- Thanksgiving food baby feels.  And with finals coming up, there’s no better way to relieve your stress and take a study break.

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Everyone is stressed out on Monday’s, that’s a fact.  Fortunately, there are three opportunities to take a yoga class throughout the day, including a beginner’s class.  A few other classes offered are Lower Body Blast, Spin, Dance and one of my favorites—HITT Cardio.


If you miss yoga Monday because let’s be real, Monday’s are hard, there’s three more opportunities Tuesday as well.  There are also more spinning classes, Cardio Xplosion, HydroFIT and many others.


Wednesdays are great because you’re just that much closer to Friday and if you don’t have Friday classes, your weekend basically starts tomorrow night.  There’s no better way to release that hump day energy through Step Build & Burn, TRX Power or Pilates.


Thursday has another yoga-packed schedule, accompanied by three spinning classes throughout the day as well.  You can also take Tabata Boxing, Pure Step or Kickbox + Build.


Hype yourself up for Happy Hour by attending Barre Burn, Spin + Abs or Pilates before you have to shower and get ready.  You might also feel less bad about taking extra advantage of the drink specials and the calories that come along with it.

The best part about group fitness classes at the Leach Center is that the instructors make it easy for you to tailor the workout to your own personal preference.  Whether you want to go hard and push your body to its limits or are a beginner who wants to ease into the workout, there’s always options to make your feel comfortable in a class.  The instructors are great—always energetic and eager to help you reach your full potential.

Find the full late fall schedule here.