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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

From YETI ramblers to the Hydro Flask, trendy water bottles have consumed America over the years. Anyone with TikTok witnessed the viral resurgence of the Stanley cup in 2022 and it continues to flood social media into this year. First impressions of hearing the words “Stanley cup” may bring one’s imagination to hockey, but this insulated water bottle is nowhere near a hockey championship cup. These tumblers come in a size range of 14 to 40 ounces and a variety of colors. The company, Stanley, originally founded in 1913, struggles to keep their tumblers stocked and over 33,000 people have signed up for a waitlist ahead of new drops. 

If it is just another cup, how did Stanley become so popular among society? For starters, many love the comfortable handle that made carrying the tumbler easier. Not only is the handle a key selling point, but the cup also fits in almost every car cup holder. This fact alone is something competitors like YETI and Hydro Flask have failed to implement in any of their products. Being able to place your cup in a secure space while driving can be a lifesaver, ensuring to avoid unwanted spills. Influencers have even done tests on the cup comparing the time it takes for ice to melt inside its insulated interior compared to similar products. The bright and colorful tumblers also attract buyers to the cup. The company offers the tumbler in a selection of colors from white to tie-dye and neon. Critics argue that the cup is not worth the price of $45. In addition, users argue that the cup tends to leak but Stanley has come out with newer models to combat that issue. You may even hear people make references to “Stanley dupes,” which are different brand tumblers that are similar in shape and size to the Stanley. However, no cup has compared to or taken over social media like the Stanley cup has. 

In case you have any interest in purchasing this cup in the near future, it is important to know where you can find it. The Stanley cup can be purchased at the company’s website, Amazon and most major retailers like Walmart and Target. With this being said, many people have expressed trouble finding the cup in person and have resorted to ordering it online. If you are lucky enough to see it in stores, it is probably best if you grab it to avoid backorders and stocking issues. 

Although the Stanley cup may seem like a hefty investment, consumers across the world can agree that it has major benefits. From its manufacturing out of recyclable material to its convenient handle, the cup is amazing according to its users. The cup has remained in the TikTok feed cycle and will remain unless a new cup takes over the internet. Anywhere you go you will see a Stanley cup in hand and its colors are hard to miss. Overall, the Stanley cup is highly recommended by many. Hopefully, this article helps you decide on whether to purchase it!

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Isabelle Medina is currently a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Psychology and Communications at The Florida State University. She wishes to attend a graduate program where she will work to become a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist in the state of Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and reading romance novels.