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5 Best Napping Spots on FSU’s Campus Because Being Awake Is Overrated

Many of us are on campus all day going to class, studying, working or doing one of the millions of activities that the school provides for us. There are some days where I’m on campus from 7:30 in the morning until 8 at night and it can often get exhausting – and if there’s one character trait to define me, it’s that I can’t go more than a few hours without needing a nap. It’s my first year living off-campus, and it can be a pain sometimes, especially when I have a three-hour gap between classes and my eyes have been drooping all day. I don’t exactly want to drive all the way home only to drive back (especially with FSU’s parking situation), which has resulted in me exploring all of the hidden gems on campus, searching for the best place to nap. For those days when you’re just extremely tired or stressed out and just need a place to rest your head, here are five of my favorite spots:

1. Meditation Room

Courtesy: Florida State University

This is number one for a reason. Not many people are aware of this but hidden inside the Globe is this little room known as the Meditation Room. It’s a designated spot for everything peace and quiet. The lights in this room are kept blessedly dim and talking/loud noises, in general, are prohibited. The best part, the part that put it at the top: In the back is a floor of pillows. Pillows and cushions line the back wall, creating a sort of nest for people to lay in and the perfect place to rest your eyes. Just don’t get too comfy or you’ll sleep through your class as I once did. 

2. The 4th Floor of Strozier

Courtesy: College Magazine

We’ve all been to Strozier and we all know how boisterous and loud the first floor can be, especially during finals week when you can’t find a single free chair. However, if you happen to travel just a few floors up, you’ll find Nirvana. On the 4thfloor, you could literally hear a pin drop – and then you’d get glared at for making any noise with that pin. It’s the perfect place to find a little bit of peace and quiet (or more than a little bit). If you head towards the back, you’ll find a plethora of couches that are typically designed for studying but that you’ll often find occupied by a sleeping student. If you want a little extra privacy, you can pull one of the large dividers over and create your own little room to relax in.

3. Landis Green

Courtesy: Florida State University

This is one that you should maybe save for the later months when it’s a little cooler outside. However, once it goes down to about seventy-five degrees out, Landis Green is the perfect place to lay back and relax. Bring a blanket and chill in the grass with your laptop or else string up a hammock and relax with a good book. When you get too tired, you can just lean back and close your eyes. Personally, I think that naps outside in good weather are always the best.

4. ASLC Lobby

Courtesy: Travel Notes

This one is really only for those like me who can sleep through nearly any din of noise. There are often quite a few people in the ASLC lobby, but the couches there are to die for. Working in the Housing Office right next door, I have often thought about bringing a blanket to leave in my desk to take out when I want to cozy up and take a nap on those couches. If you’re able to get past the noise of people chatting and playing video games, it’s the perfect place to catch a few minutes – or thirty – of sleep. And if you can’t handle the noise, just put in some headphones and turn on piano music to drown it out. 

5. Chemistry Building

Courtesy: O’Brien Atkins

There’s not often many people hanging about in the lobby of the chemistry building, other than the stray professor or student, making this a quiet place to rest your head. The large windows can make it a bit bright for those who are light-sensitive, but if you can get past that, the couches in the lobby are a perfect resting place. If not, bring a sleeping mask to catch a few winks! Let’s be honest: We’re all college students with loads of work, limited time and limited energy, and we can’t always make it to Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up. Falling asleep in random places is expected. Whether you live off-campus and can’t drive home to take a nap, or you just don’t have the energy to walk back to your dorm, these spots are tried and true to be the best locations on campus to rest your eyes for a minute – or an hour!


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