10 Feelings Everyone Has During Big Little Week

Easily one of the most anticipated weeks after joining a sorority is clue week. Simply put, a “big” within a sorority is a new member’s designated older sister who is to offer advice or guidance throughout the years to come. Alongside a “big,” a new member also gains a “family” within the chapter. As a result, they end up with an entire family tree of grand-bigs, aunts and cousins galore. Clue Week is a few days where your “big” showers you in gifts and clues as to who they are. It all leads up to one gigantic reveal where you finally get to meet your big sister within the chapter. In addition, everyone’s reveal is themed with matching outfits that allow for adorable pictures. Here are a few thoughts nearly every sister has during this week.

1. Anticipation

The first thing, both the potential bigs and littles are inevitably feeling is the anticipation for clue week and reveal. Simply put, neither can wait until they know who it is!



2. Anxiety

The anxiety that comes with the week is inescapable. From worrying about the theme for the reveal or trying to figure out who your family is, the on-edge feeling lasts nearly the entire week.



3. Excitement

Once the week begins and the reveal gets closer, no big can deny that they’re feeling immensely excited to finally reveal themselves. For the littles, they’re simply thrilled to know who it is.



4. Joy

This one is pretty self-explanatory.



5. Eagerness

Everyone involved is ready for the adorable pictures and inside jokes that result from this week. Each person is counting down the days until they can post the adorable pictures and brag about their cute family.



6. Patience (or lack of)

If you have any doubts that you may be lacking patience, go through big/little week. The test of trying to wait until the reveal is nothing short of challenging.



7. Confusion

As a little, you spend countless hours trying to dissect the clues that were left in your basket. It’s no shock that you end up puzzled at some point or another.



8. Stress

From the standpoint of being a big, this week can be very stressful although really rewarding. The toughest part of the week is not only trying to conceal your identity but also making sure everything is in the right place, at the right time.



9. Exhaustion

For everyone involved, it's a relief once the week has come to an end. Although incredibly happy, the roller coaster of emotions that you’ve been on this week is nothing short of exhausting.



10. Happy

Last but certainly not least, is happiness. As a little, you officially have a big and are immensely excited about what’s to come for you and your big.


All images courtesy of Giphy.