How Media Contributes to Eating Disorders

Article by Brittany Stout

Food choices and exercising are two important properties to living a healthy lifestyle, but I believe to truly have this lifestyle, you must have a healthy mindset about it as well.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate than any other illness in the United States (Whitney & Rolfes, 2015). Eating disorders are dangerous mental disorders that are greatly impacting people everywhere.

This disorder is growing because of how our society is. The media puts out images and ideas that give this impression of how we are supposed to look and act to fit in. Media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram in particular, have people posting pictures that are photoshopped to look perfect. These pictures show off their bodies and use filters to make them look more attractive.

This is creating a distorted reality that we feel pressured to be a part of (Montgomery, 2015). The media is now at our fingertips and can be accessed at anytime and anywhere. This is a way for society to constantly remind us of the unrealistic standards of how skinny is the key to being beautiful and desirable.

Skinny seems to be the image most people are trying to achieve. Skinny is a distorted image in most people’s minds because of the media.

Skinny does not always mean healthy. It is important to understand that every individuals body is different. Not everyone will look like a runway model and not everyone should!