Homemade Ramen Recipe Review

 As a college student, don't you ever get tired of cup ramen that tastes the same every time you make it? Well, I have the recipe for you! Here is the recipe below.

Prep time: 5 min  Cook time: 10 min  Total time: 15 min 

Servings: 4

Ingredients:  1 tbsp neutral oil  1 tbsp minced garlic  ½ tsp grated ginger 4 scallions sliced (both green and white parts) 3 cups chicken stock^ 3 cups beef broth^ 1 tbsp soy sauce  1 cup water 12 ounce pack of ramen noodles  4 eggs* ½ tsp chili sauce or sriracha* 1 tbsp fish sauce*   *are optional  ^can substitute for vegetable broth

Steps:  Place oil, garlic, ginger, scallions, and chili sauce* in a large pot and cook over medium high heat for 2-3 min, until fragrant and scallions soften.

Add the chicken stock^, beef stock^, fish sauce*, and soy sauce and bring to a boil over high heat. Taste and adjust as necessary (this is where 1 cup of water comes in to reduce saltiness) 

Crack open eggs and drop into the boiling broth, let eggs cook one at a time for 3-5 min, depending on how cooked you like your yolks, and remove eggs. Cook noodles in broth according to time on package

Serve and enjoy! 

I absolutely love this recipe and enjoy sharing it with friends. It breaks up the norm of instant cup ramen and gives you the chance to cook something simple and have something homemade and different. So have fun! Go to the grocery store and get the ingredients with some friends. Cook the ramen and enjoy eating with your friends. Bon appetit!