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Break Plateau with Arms and Legs Workout Routine

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Really? Another article about making muscle gains?” This is a very redundant topic. I know this, you know this, and your neighbor knows it too. But it feels like it needs to be addressed. This article isn’t for beginners, although more the power to you if you wanted to give it a shot. This article is for gym-goers who have hit a plateau in their arms and legs. I am not covering diet and the numerous workout routines. This article is simply about my own workout routine I’ve used to break out of plateau. All I ask of you is to take everything I am saying with a grain of salt until you’ve conducted your own research.

I think it’s only fair if I quickly introduced myself. In 2.5 months it will be exactly 2 years since I’ve been bodybuilding. I’ve been lifting on and off since 2003, but I wasn’t as consistent or knowledgeable as I’ve been since April 2015. I’m still learning and have a long way to go to reach my fitness goals. There’s a lot of bodybuilding information out there and I’m just sharing my 2 cents. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine.

I’m going to assume the reader knows the exercise names, about each exercise form, and gym lingo (i.e. super sets, drop sets etc.…). I’m going to give out my own gym routine for biceps, triceps, and legs. The reason I haven’t listed chest, back, and shoulders is because it feels like they’re the easiest to increase in size. For the longest time my arms (especially biceps) and legs were noodle-like. Some of you might not have a problem packing on size on your legs. I envy you. Hopefully, my routine helps out the rest of us chicken-legs individuals.

Substitute whatever your current routine is with what I have and I promise you, you will see significant results.

Before I start I do my stretching, foam roller, and 3-4 warm up sets. In between sets (unless it’s a super set or drop set) I do dynamic stretching.


1). Dumbbell Curls | Rep Range 5, 8, 10 | 3 Drop Sets | Moderate Break and Repeat 3 Times

Start with the heaviest dumbbell you can curl for 5 reps. Squeeze each repetition at the top. Once you’re done put down the weight, and go grab the next lowest dumbbells and conduct 8 repetitions. One more time with the 3rd lowest dumbbells for 10 repetitions. Once you’re done rest for a few minutes and do it all over again.

2). Hammer Curls | Rep Range 5, 8, 10 | 3 Drop Sets | Moderate Break and Repeat 2 Times


1). Triceps Seated Dumbbell Extensions | Rep Range 8 – 10 | 4 Pyramid Sets (Other Names: Seated Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension)

If you aren’t feeling the triceps burning by your 4th set that means the weight is too low.

2). Skull-Crushers | Rep Range 6 – 8 | 5 Pyramid Sets

This can be done with an EZ-Curl or Weighted Short Barbells.

3). Triceps Cable Pulldowns | Rep Range 6 – 8 | 4 Pyramid Sets

Squeeze each repetition at the bottom for a good 3 seconds. You can use a rope or the V-Bar Attachment (personal favorite). By your 2nd set if you aren’t swearing at my gym routine then something is wrong. Because by this time your triceps should be on fire.


Good luck getting out of bed tomorrow.

1). Back Squats or Box Squats | Rep Range 5 | 4 Pyramid Sets


1). Jumping Squats | Rep Range 15 – 20

Once you’re done with a set of Back Squats or Box Squats immediately do 15 – 20 reps of Jumping Squats.

2). Romanian Deadlifts | Rep Range 5 | 4 Pyramid Sets

3). Leg Press | Rep Range 6 – 8 | 5 Pyramid Sets

SUPER SETS with 3). Jumping Squats | Rep Range 15 – 20

4). Smith Machine Calve Raises | Rep Range 10 | 3 Sets

Use an elevated wood to put your feet on. Squeeze each repetition at eccentric and concentric. This exercise isn’t about how fast you can do it. The weight should be enough that you’re crying at the 6 or 7th repetition.


LOOK UP the correct form before injuring yourself. If you’re swinging the weights it means it’s either too heavy or you’ve reached failure. Nothing wrong with decreasing the weight. The rule of thumb is to focus on form. If you’re struggling in the middle of a set. Put the weights down and rest for a few seconds and finish the remaining repetitions. If you still cannot do it then get a spotter.

Important note about spotters– make sure you tell them to ONLY help you when it looks like you’re about to die. A lot of spotters tend to do 90% of the work for you. That’s the incorrect way to spot someone. The spotter’s role is to make sure the weight isn’t being dropped on you. That being said they should be only helping when it looks like you cannot possibly move the weight anymore.

For Triceps Seated Dumbbell Extensions use the bench with the 50% back support.

Alternative Arm Routines


3 Giant Sets. After the 3 listed exercises I rest for about 5 minutes and repeat it 2 – 3 more times.

1). Heavy- EZ Curls | Rep Range 5

2). Moderate Weight- Concentrated Curls | Rep Range 10 | Squeeze at Concentric for 3 Seconds

3). Moderate Weight- Hammer Curls | Rep Range 10


1). Heavy- Triceps Seated Dumbbell Extensions | Rep Range 10 | 5 Pyramid Sets

2). Heavy- Skull-Crushers | Rep Range 6 | 5 Pyramid Sets

3). Moderate Weight- V-Bar Triceps Pulldowns | Rep Range 10 | 5 Super Sets with Dips (25 Reps)


Article by Armin A


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