YouTube Is Your New Personal Trainer

As our sense of normalcy changes throughout the weeks, this can lead to both positive and negative reactions. Each day that passes ends with another successful day of arts and crafts, binge-watching, schoolwork, and face masks. 

Despite being stuck at home, it is important to stay active.

Before everything that has happened in the past months, I would walk the treadmill, play some badminton outside, and once in a blue moon, do a workout video at home. Every day I would tell myself "today will be different,", but it never was.

My lifestyle was very sedentary. Being in quarantine has made me bored of sitting at home and rewatching my favorite shows. Now, I wake up each day excited to work out. The simple way to get yourself into working out? Motivation.

As I mentioned, my fitness activities were always done at home. Fitness classes and the gym overwhelmed me, and I felt that some workout videos were "too hard" because I was unfit.

Everyone sits at home with a bag of chips and thinks "I should probably be working out right now.". But everything changes with motivation. On YouTube, there are thousands of at-home workout videos- pilates, Zumba, cardio, HIIT, etc. The best part? You can search literally whatever workout you want to do. The even better part? It's free!

The first thing being motivated made me want to do was find a workout program I could follow. I found Chloe Ting's YouTube channel a while back and loved that every one of her workouts can be done at home. She has many different programs that focus on different parts of the body. Her most popular- and the program I wanted to complete- was her 2 weeks shreds abs challenge.

Next, I watched tons of videos on YouTube showing individual results. It was encouraging seeing so many body types be successful and in love with their results. Chloe often reacts to and encourages her viewers to share their results to be motivation for someone else! Seeing that these programs really do work is inspiring.

Then, it was time to work out. Personally, I cannot start something and not finish it. I woke up each day excited and motivated to workout that day; which is crazy coming from someone who hated working out! As each day passed, I was one day closer to finishing the challenge. Now that it's complete, I am excited to start another one of her programs.

So what is the point? Exercising does not have to be a chore. Everyone has so much time on their hands that a 30-45 minute workout is almost nothing! You can work out in your room, your yard, or maybe even over Zoom with some friends. Once you find the workout that excites and motivates you the most, you will be so happy because you have found a new hobby you can enjoy.

Let's go get fit for this quarantine!