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Ever since the #metoo movement started last year women across the world have been revealing and sharing their sexual abuse stories to the public. Now, with Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s trial, a few have come forward accusing him of sexual assault in protest of him being placed in the Senate. #WhyIDidntReport stems from POTUS, Donald Trump, doubting a victim’s credibility on what really occurred stating that if the event really happened it would have been reported years ago. 

Brett Kavanuagh has been accused of pinning a woman on a bed, groping her while covering her mouth to avoid someone hearing her screams, exposing himself to a student at Yale University, being seen participating in a gang rape group as well as spiking and drugging his victims so they would not be able to fend for themselves. Kavanaugh’s old pals have even referenced him to have been a sloppy drunk in the past.

Knowing all of this obviously ensued frustration among victims that have come out before and took to social media to explain the reasons as to why they didn’t report their own stories with the sole purpose of emphasizing the whirlwind of emotions and trauma in being a victim of sexual assault. It takes a victim time to being to process the anger, fear, and shame of what has occurred for them to realize it wasn’t right. Coming forward and reporting it is even more difficult out of terror of being shunned and termed “uncredible.” 

It’s a shame to know that sexual abuse is more common than we would think, but it’s hopeful to know that social media isn’t always a bad thing and has in fact been able to help victims find the courage to come forward feeling empowered that they can get justice against anyone who has done them harm famous or not. 

Let’s hope this trial gets settled based on the merits, much like the Harvey Weinstein case. 

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