What is HLP at FIU

The Healthy Living Program (HLP) provides services and educates FIU students on how to live a healthy lifestyle through holistic and preventative measures. As a current volunteer to the program, I have so many reasons as to why I love HLP and everything the team does for students. Here are some reasons why HLP is about to be your favorite part about FIU!


The program provides a variety of FREE services

HLP offers so many different free and low cost services to current students at FIU. The program has free aromatherapy and sexual health resources such as condoms, dental dams, and female condoms within their office during regular work hours. HLP also offers free 10-minute massages, energy therapy, one-on-one health consultations, acutonics, auricular acupuncture, and dietetic services. These resources are available at both MMC and BBC for students. Appointments for all of these services can be made by calling the MMC HLP office at 305-348-240 and the BBC office at 305-919-5307.


Educate on topics relevant to students in a creative way

HLP covers all sorts of educational topics for students through tabling events, workshops, and their newsletter! Some of the topics covered are sleep management, sexual health, food insecurity, self-care, nutrition, and menstrual hygiene. The team behind the scenes at HLP makes sure to think of interesting and quick ways to cover the information for each and every event. Rather than just a straight forward lecture, HLP makes each lesson interactive to keep students engaged and increase their likelihood of remembering what they learned! If you don’t have time to stop by the events or you attend primarily online classes, HLP has a newsletter you can always catch up on, that provides relevant and helpful information. Click this link to sign-up for the newsletter today.


The giveaways are always AMAZING!

HLP knows what the students want; they provide some of the most useful and cute giveaways! HLP is known for its creative T-shirts that say things like “healthy-ish” and provides a funny definition to the word. 

HLP has also made trendy mugs and even gave out a real succulent to students who participated in one of their tabling events. Yes you read correctly, a super cute succulent for all you plant lovers out there! The most recent event gave out bath bombs, aromatherapy scrubs, and rubber duckies as a way to lessen your stress as finals season is coming up. Make sure to attend any event you can to not only learn some valuable information, but get some free goodies as well.


Offer volunteer opportunities

If you're a student in need of volunteer hours or looking to gain some experience in a community and health promotion, HLP can help you with that. The application is quick and easy to fill out online. Volunteering with HLP allows you to improve on your communication and organizational skills through the assorted activities you may do. You can help with educating students, setting up events, making aromatherapy, and so much more! I currently volunteer there as a part of the nutrition team and love it! I have learned how to organize my own tabling events, create interactive activities, and improved my communication skills through the process.


Everyone you meet is friendly and helpful

Even before I started volunteering at HLP I would always attend each event the program hosted and always appreciated the friendly employees and volunteers! The people within the program truly want to better and improve students' lives. Each person you encounter through either an appointment you booked or an event you attended has such a pleasant attitude and only send good energy your way.


Lastly, the Instagram page is both relatable and helpful

The HLP Instagram page is @fiuhlp and it deserves so many followers for the health conscious and funny posts uploaded constantly. The page knows its audience well and only provides the best of memes and hilarious twitter posts to brighten a student’s day! HLP also reposts easy meals for students to make, motivational/ self-care reminders, and update their IGTV with tutorials and informational content personally made by the program. Not only that, but they also post reminders as to when and where their next event will be held. Every FIU student should follow @fiuhlp on to get the best content on their feed and quick updates on events !


The Healthy Living Program is a beneficial program that provides so many free opportunities for students. Through creative delivery of entertaining and valuable informational, HLP is a key part to improving the FIU student life.