Ways to Feel Good About Yourself Again

There have been many points of my life where I have felt particularly down, but acting on some of these suggestions has always boosted my mood and even made me feel better about myself. These might not work for everyone, but it never hurts to try, so if you're going through a rough patch and you're unsure on how to get out of it, keep reading and maybe something here will inspire some motivation! 

  1. 1. Become More Physically Active

    Woman working out for her arms

    I know everyone always makes this suggestion, especially parents, but it's because it actually works. Going to the gym always distracts me for a couple of hours, and I always leave feeling accomplished and feeling like I'm actually doing something with my life. It's even better when you go with friends because you're spending time with someone and being productive at the same time, so it turns into a fun and rewarding activity. Increasing your physical activity doesn't just mean going to the gym; if you don't think the gym is for you, then there are countless of other options like riding your bicycle around a park or even dancing along to dance videos at home (I danced along to "Just Dance" clips on Youtube last week and I had the time of my life). The point is that increasing your weekly physical activity will give you so much more energy, as well as a confidence boost!

  2. 2. Eating Healthier

    Bowl of chia seed pudding topped with fruit

    This is another cliché suggestion, but even changing your eating habits to be slightly healthier really makes a difference. When I'm constantly binge eating unhealthy foods or eating significantly less, I always feel terrible about myself and it even affects my moods. Adding healthier choices to my diet or cutting out the late-night snacks really makes a difference, even if I'm just making small changes. Usually, it's hard for me to dive into an intense diet straight away, so taking these small steps each week builds me up to it and allows me to get used to my new eating habits. Eating healthier makes me feel refreshed and also gives me a confidence boost, even if I cheat my diet every now and then. 

  3. 3. Going to the Hair Salon

    Even if I'm going just to touch up my roots, going to the hair salon always makes me feel like I'm opening up a new chapter of my life. If you've been rocking the same hair look for a while, changing it up a bit might really make the difference and make you feel better about yourself. This doesn't mean you have to completely change your hair color or length, but getting a subtle haircut or some highlights will add something new to your life and even improve your self-esteem; this is always a nice way of treating yourself and one of my favorite suggestions!

  4. 4. Update Your Wardrobe

    person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

    Shopping is also an effective way of feeling good about yourself again, especially if you're finally upgrading your wardrobe after a long time of saving and not really spending money on clothes. Adding some new outfits to your closet will also add some excitement to going out and dressing up, so it's always revitalizing!

  5. 5. Journaling 


    Journaling is another healthy method for feeling good and boosting your moods, given that it's been proven to reduce stress and help your emotional well-being. When I'm journaling and writing about my emotions, I start to feel like I'm carrying a lot less weight on my shoulders, and I can instead put more focus on the positive things in my life. This technique always places me in a better mindset and allows me to feel good about life in general, so I definitely recommend.