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Self Care Tips to Destress, Unwind, and Stay Focused

It’s the beginning of a new month and it may have been super hectic.It’s very important to always prioritize yourself before anything else. Here are some self care tips to keep in mind whenever you may feel stressed or burnt out:

  • Have at least one self care day throughout the week. Make sure to dedicate one specific day of the week where you can take time for yourself and relax. You can use this to spend time with your family or doing your hobbies and favorite things.
  • Make sure to set daily goals throughout the week to hold yourself accountable. This will help you get closer to your bigger and higher goals.
  • Prioritize your mental health. If you’ve had a long week or day, make sure to take it easy and do what is best for you at that moment.
  • Have a daily planner or use a calendar. These items are super helpful in keeping you organized with your assignments and plans.
  • Exercise and move around. Find a workout or exercise that you enjoy doing such as yoga or cardio.
  • Begin a skin care routine and take care of your body. Try to have a dedicated time at night so you’re able to relax and take care of your skin.
  • Create a schedule for your week and make a to do list. Life can feel less hectic when you are organized and know what you have to do and when you have to do it by.

I hope that these tips give you some motivation and remind you to take care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is so important and it deserves to be cared for. Don’t forget to recognize the progress you have made and celebrate the little wins throughout the week.

FIU freshman who is currently studying Communications.
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