Meal Prepping Made Easy

Do you constantly catch yourself skipping meals throughout the day? You want to cook a delicious meal when you get home but you just remembered that you have a paper and a test due the next day and before you know it you are at the Taco Bell drive-thru getting food. Being able to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle while in college is beyond difficult but the secret to surviving college on a full stomach at all times is meal prepping. Keep reading for a guide to easy meal prepping tips.

1. Do Not Think of Meal Prepping as a Diet

    Meal Prepping is not a diet it is a lifestyle. Choosing to eat healthy for a better you in the present and future is a commitment not many can do. Before starting to meal prep make sure to know what it is that you want to achieve. Whether it is meal prepping to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a well-balanced meal prep includes whole carbs, good protein, and healthy fats. It is important to eat all of the food groups to lose and maintain weight in a healthy way.

2. More Protein and Less Carbs

    Healthy protein includes white meat as the leanest choice, but even dark meat can be a good choice if you skip the skin. Both chicken and turkey give you about 25 grams of high-quality protein, along with B vitamins and selenium. Roast a whole chicken for Sunday dinner, use the leftovers to top Monday’s salad and fill Tuesday’s sandwich.

3. Cook All Foods at Once

    The best day to meal prep is on Sundays. Sunday’s are typically a stay at home day. Before the workweek starts, we can carve out some hours to shop and chop and pack things up for the days ahead. It's not as daunting as it sounds! Just making some basics ahead of time will put you in prime position to eat healthy meals all week long. Keep in mind that the food you decide to have for the week should be items that can last up to a week refrigerated.

4. Vary your Foods

    Meal prep is all about cooking in bulk.  I recommend preparing up to 5 days worth of food at a time; 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, and 5 snacks. Your meals should consist of a protein, healthy starch, healthy fat and tons of veggies.  Having a manageable meal plan and grocery list keeps you focused and on the task at the grocery store and prevents you from overloading your grocery cart with junk.

    Below is a link to easy 30-minute meal prepping food recipes.


5. Items needed for Successful Meal Prepping

-    Meal Prep Containers (cheapest when purchased at a wholesale store like Costco or BJ’s)

-    Cutting Boards

-    Food Scale

-    Measuring Cups and Spoons

-    Mixing Bowls

-    Sharp Knives


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